December 06, 2008

Some Videos This Time. ^^

I planned to write this earlier, but.. *shakes fist at college projects*
That, and Blogger's video uploader hates me. =(

So yeah. I'm writing Thursday's events today.

EDIT: I was finally able to get those videos up! Using the photobucket uploader. =3

On Wednesday shortly after we found out that Gino was going to back to KL the same night, Lika threatened asked me to company her on Thursday because it'd be boring to teach alone, with only the little devils as your company.

Oh don't I know it. >0<

So anyways, on Thursday I went to the studio at about 4.30pm, and it so happens that I brought my digital camera with me.

(Honestly, I'm beginning to bring my cam with me wherever I go these days.. =.=")
Understandable, I think, since I love to preserve memories. ^^

First up was Misaki's class, and we've probably mentioned it for the millionth time, but I want to clone that girl. =3
After that was her onee-san Sayaka's class.
It started with Sayaka alone, then Jovian's group gradually came. That's when the fun started.

About nearly 3/4 into the class, I whipped out my camera and began recording some stuff.

The result? The videos you are about to see at the bottom. xD

Btw, ignore my annoying voice that pops up every now & then. =.="

From the back l-r: Krystal (a.k.a MiniMe. xD), Sayaka, Megan, Jovian.

Doing Grade 4's Dance.

Exercise For Relaxation..


Then there was the Intermediate class. I didn't get to take much videos, because they didn't dance much anyways.

Chia Hern & Tze Ping doing Pose Pirouettes.. In duet. Their own syllabus. Yeah. xD

Wow, I'm finally done! *throws confetti and dances* ^^