March 11, 2009

Twilight Hardcover Book Set! ^^


My Twilight book collection has finally arrived! ^^

And it's early, too. ;D
The expected arrival date was somewhere on the 25th of March, and today is only the 10th! ^^
But meh, no complains here.. ^^

As always, pictures of the set! xD

Firstly: The package arrived in a sack.
A friggin white sack.
I'm not kidding.
You'd think I'd have imported a sack of grains or something. xD

Then in said sack was the box.
Medium-sized, and thankfully, not wrapped to the hilt with cellophane tape or anything.

I just had to camwhore whatever item I received that I ordered online, don't I? >__>

What the set box looks like.

It comes with 4 'postcard-like' thingies (one for each book) that has quotes from each book. Nothing too fancy, to be honest. I'm just targeting the books. In hardcover. ;D

Can't wait to start reading it! ^^

P/S: Btw, anyone else's house deprived of water supply today & yesterday (10th March)? >=I