July 09, 2009

News Alert

Okay, so I couldn't think of a better title, alright??

Anyways, Lika got her Pre-Primary and Primary New Syllabus' book today, along with the video.
The kids on the page were cute. I spot an azn kid.
Forgive the randomness, I dunno what got into me today.

We taught the Intermediate class the Dance, and Incredible Hulk was being.. Nosy. Nothing new there.

Then come Samantha's class, Lika and I were discussing about the students, e.g How Samantha's gone slightly plump, and how she's grown up from being that small 3 year-old girl that peed in class at one time, to how Loi En is quite a clever girl and was the only one to get the rhythm and counting right, etc.

Then Samantha did the unexpected.
She peed in class again.
We didn't really notice until Sonya exclaimed, " *Points* Samantha! You pee ar??"
Only then did we notice the wet bottom part of her leotard, and the small puddle of liquid beneath her.
Almost the instant Sonya let her thoughts out, everyone else turned, saw, and went "Eeee~!", and almost like opposite sides of a magnet, distanced themselves from the puddle that was gradually flowing.

Thankfully, no one teased Samantha about it after she got herself cleaned up, and Lika had to mop up the mess. xD

We learned new things today too, something about 'Dabing Goldung'(however its' spelled,) and Gino's de cote, but right as we mentioned 'Dabing Goldung', speak of the devil; she arrived.
This seemed to excite Lika, who kept hitting my leg and bursting into laughter.
Um. =.+