January 24, 2009

Probably The Noisiest Ballet Class Ever.

For the first time in I have no idea how many lightyears (sorry, I've been listening to the Final Countdown when writing this.. Thus the song reference), Ashley (my sister) followed me to ballet.
The original reason was because Lika said she had wanted to teach the Pre Primary students Rock n' Roll, so she decided to tag along, because she wanted to learn as well.
But I warned her; it would be a while before Pre Primary class (PP was at 7.30pm, and we went there at about 5 something). She agreed, so she makes her debut appearence in the studio. xDD!

But as she soon found out later, the ballerinas in Kuantan are a crazy bunch.
And I mean crazy crazy.
Exceptionally crazy today, I have no idea why.
Must be the vibes.

But meh, at least she had fun.
Though she only knows Lika from the short meetings she's been with me while I'm with Lika, they seem to get along pretty well.
Wait, scratch that; they get along very well.
Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Also today, Jovian took refuge with my digital cam and started recording candid moments.
First Lika recorded the Grade 4, then after their class (which was the Inter Found), Jovian took over and began recording literally everyone.
So yeah, guess who you're gonna see make a cameo appearence in the videos.

I would never post any video that I shot of myself (due to how fugly I would look, and for fear of killing your eyes, but since this vid is not entirely concentrated on me, I guess it's acceptable ;p), so relish in this moment, people. It might not come again. xD

Yes, I'm the one sitting in blue. And the one sitting on my lap wearing black can only be.. Yes, my sister.

Lika made me do the 'curtain' thingy this time. Don't ask. Oh, and did I mention that both videos were taken by Lika this time? Yeah, well now you know.

Oh, and I just had to mention this: After Chinese New Year, we (as in Seow Hui, Lika and me) will no longer have classes on Wednesdays.
But before you say anything, lemme finish; we will be having 3, I repeat, THREE, classes on Thursday.
9.30am, 3.30pm and 5.30pm.
*Chases Qian Wen with a tazer* xD
Yeah, Qian Wen can't make it for class any other time, so Gino had to move our class.

On another note, YouTube has again succesfully made me feel inferior.
Why, you ask? Just watch the videos below and then you tell me.

What's so amazing? Said girl is Ksenia Zhiganshina, and she's 13 years old. Honey, when I was 13, I had trouble doing pivot turns, dammit. Dx

And then there's another video of the same girl (Ksenia Zhiganshina) doing 32 double fouettes. En pointe. (Ah, there's the catch.) It's a link because the uploader disabled the embedding option. =3

And then, there's THIS little bugger here.

6 year-old Lada Sartakova, and that munchkin is dancing en pointe.

Of course, then I had to go find a video to make me feel better, and the next one sorta did...

And I wondered what the chairs were for.. xDD

I think I'll stop here for now; I probably posted too many videos in one post to the point that it's getting annoying anyways. Dx

January 17, 2009


Actually, I went to the studio on a whim yesterday.
Because I'd be 'dating my laptop' if I was home the whole day anyway, as my sister so nicely put it.
Besides, watching others dance when I didn't have to is rather... refreshing. xD

And the moment I stepped into the studio, I swore I laughed till my stomach hurt.
Lika was at it with her mating sounds again, which, 3rd time around, didn't seem as amusing as before. But we still had a good laugh.

Then during Inter Found, the whole class cracked up, courtesy of Lika & Michelle.
Lika for her jokes, and Michelle for her antics.
Lemme show you a video of that.

Oh, and Lika insisted on her 'close/open curtain' action at the beginning and end of the videos. So prepare for those.

Then we have Ice, Michelle & Wan Hui attempting to do pointes without holding the barre.
Lika's orders, of course.
Oh, and someone makes a short appearence. And the person was by the mirror. xD

After that, Lixian graciously played a little excerpt from one of her Final Fantasy scores.
One of my favourites, To Zanarkand. *Points below*

Then later on, before the pre-primary class, Lika taught me some Rock N' Roll steps.
And I liked it. xD
Oh, and it turns out that Bhajan Singh's brother's daughter is the new student Lika was talking about! ^^

Oh yes, while I was trolling youtube to find vids and whatnot, I came across this Tour de Japon orchestra team, and they played To Zanarkand.
And they played gorgeously.
It gave me goosebumps the moment the violins/flutes came in. Have a listen:

Um.. Yeah, that's it, really. =3

January 15, 2009


The moment I was about to ascend the steps to the studio, my slipper snapped.
Guess enough was enough, and I was straining my poor slipper till the strap was literally dangling by the other side.

We did Fouette & Rotations after not doing it for quite some time.. And Gino made us do it about 3 times. *flails*
One of those times where we actually did the entire barre work today.
Normally we'd do just a bit of barre work and proceed to centre work.

Oh, and Misaki is adorable.
I know, I've mentioned it about a 101 times now, but yeah, she really is.

Bi Ying (in pink) & Misaki. Jasmine is in the far left corner, and makes an occasional appearance. ;D

January 14, 2009


Nothing much happened today, really.
That is, of course, if you count Lika making animal sounds (mating animal sounds would be more appropriate, actually) anywhere near normal.
But of course, it never fails to make me (and the entire class) double up with laughter after I pointed out that she sounded like a mating monkey.

Only in Kuantan will you ever find ballerinas talking about animals doing the giggity giggity.
In class.

And Lika made up a song about our dear ol' 'best friend' too.
And it goes to the tune 'I'm A Little Teapot'.

Oh, and my toe hurts.
No idea why, we didn't exactly do a lot of work.
Maybe it was because we did a whole lotta turning (pirouettes and, in my case, many pose turns).
I swore the room was spinning when Gino finally let me stop.

Then after I got home, during dinner, my maid made this sound that sounded.. well, wrong.
A little random there, but yeah.

Must be mating season.

To end this entry, I'll leave you with a random video of Tze Ping playing Cannon in D (I think). Btw, it was the first time she saw that piece.

January 08, 2009

Tender.. Not What You'd Think, Though. ;D

Did I mention how much I dread to go for classes in the mornings?
At 9.30am?
Especially if the weather is all windy and cloudy?
Oh wait, I have.

This morning we learned Pirouettes Finishing In Attitude.
It involved a lot of turning and balance, a combination which, unfortunately, my brain refuses to comprehend.
We had to do double pirouettes and finish in an attitude without the working leg touching the floor.
And we all know how bad I am at pirouettes alone.
So Gino sugested that we do single pirouettes first, to get the hang of it. And it was much better, though there were still a lot of hopping involved. =3
That (the hopping) was NOT in the syllabus, in case you were wondering.

I didn't really feel it when I got home at around 11 something, sitting on my bed and checking my emails on my laptop.
But after sometime when I got up, I felt some muscles in my legs cringing at my action.
Anyways, after I took a bath and managed to squeeze in whatever sleep I could get, it was off to ballet again at 3.30pm.

There, we did Pirouettes again after our barre warm-up, and this time Gino asked us to keep practising in front of the mirror until we got the hang of it.
We eventually did, but that was just single pirouettes.

And then he had us do Fouette Ronds De Jambe En Tournant again, and I managed about 4 fouettes in a row before coming down. I still had about 3-4 more fouettes to go. >___>

Anyways, I stayed until Grade 4 was over, and by then, as I put it, my thigh muscles were tender.
I was glad to be home.
And I was tired.
Thursdays mean Tiring Day for me.

Oh, and I've yet to finish my report, dammit. >__<

January 07, 2009

Finally, Dancing Again.

Well, here I am.
At home, lying on my bed, laptop propped up in front of me.
And I can still feel the muscles in my thighs aching.

I guess that's what you get when you're stripped off of one month's worth of dance.
Gino wasn't here for two weeks in December, then there was the two-week school holiday.

I know, my fault for being my ol' lazy self not practising at home.

Lika and I told Gino about that Fouette dance we saw on YouTube, and he told us to try it.
It was like pivot and poses all over again.
I managed to do the fouettes after about 3 tries, but I just can't stay on one spot.
The same can be said for Lika.

When the Intermediate girls arrived, Lika wasted no time in going to Full-Frontal Booby-Grabbing Mode.
I think she's missed it. xD

January 05, 2009

Random Post, But..

Ok, I know.. This has nothing to do with dancing, but just humour me for a second, 'kay?

Spare me a moment of spazzing-ness to say that I finally finished reading Twilight!
*spazzy spazzy*
And I share the same birthday as Bella, September 13th! Fated or what people. xD
I managed to finish the book by nighttime yesterday after my finals, since I thought I deserved a break from doing my report for my presentation, so I hadn't touched my report yesterday.

I haven't touched it for almost 3 days now.
*smacks forehead* Someone's asking for trouble. Honestly. *Dies*

But erm.. Yeah, I'll do it tonight ne? *^^*

January 01, 2009

Just Some Pondering..

I dunno, maybe it's due to the after effects of seeing the video below that made me wonder.

The two loves of my life: DBSK and Ballet, in one video.
(This is their newest song, Bolero. It's also the theme song for the upcoming Japanese movie Subaru, taken from a Manga of the same name.)

And well.. It got me thinking.
I'll be finished with college this month.
Then I'll be doing my practical for about 2-3 months, and it'll all be over.

Wow, how time flies.

I want to go to KL to persue/further my studies, no doubt about that, but at the same time, I want to continue dancing.
Not necessarily Ballet, but dancing. Period.
Trouble is, I dunno if I can continue dancing if I go to KL.
At least, not in the beginning.
I'll have to work to earn a living, and God knows how busy I'll be with my studies and such.

But let me make one thing clear: I cannot, I repeat, I cannot live without dancing. It's like my drug.
Or 'my personal brand of heroin', if you will.
I've literally grown up on dancing, and although I never realised my passion until later on, it's something that I can't let go now.

I don't want to let it go. T___T
Just practising by yourself everyday isn't quite the same as going to the studio to learn.

Also, I've been dying to try out different types of dances. I don't want to limit myself to just Ballet; never have.
But the question is: How To?