April 23, 2009

*Insert Insane Laughter Here*

Because seriously, that's exactly what today was made up of.
Since Intermediate, Lika has been cracking up, wether she being the cause of it or otherwise.
The major laugh began when Lika brought up my 'feet & foot' issue to anyone who would listen. Photobucket
Then Chia Hern began by saying stuff like "Your top teeth is called tooth, and your lower teeth is called teeth."
Which I answered, "I have a row of teeths and one row of toothes!"
And trust me, if there were ice beneath our feet, we would have cracked it by then and drowned.
Seriously. Photobucket
We were all laughing SO.DAMN.HARD.

The laughter this time around was contagious and incurable, because the next thing we knew, we were cracking Inter Found, Grade 2, and Primary up as well.
Poor Sonya, who had a cough, even had to go to the bathroom because she was laughing too much, which in turn made her cough more, and as we found out later, she vomitted.

I can't explain in detail exactly what happened to make us crack up so much today, because even if I did, it would'nt be nearly as funny as witnessing and hearing it for yourselves.
But I'll just mention short recaps of the incidents..:

Lika constantly reminding Chia Hern to 'suck in her butt', as a result of Ms Chua's Technical teaching yesterday.
No one was in a mood to dance (except maybe Ice), so Chia Hern very blatantly told Lika to shaddap. Photobucket
Then we began talking about our experiences yesterday, to much hilarity.
We (Chia Hern, Lika & I) also practised Ballonnes Composes, seeing as that was the dance that I sat out yesterday.

Then came Inter Found, and we got Jermaine laughing real hard.
Well, Lika, actually.
She seemed to be possessed with the spirit of 'Chia Hoon'. Photobucket
And she gave us some chewing gum, to which the innocent enough conversation took a corrupted turn courtesy of Lika.
Jermaine remained innocent. She had no idea what kind of 'blow' Lika meant, having only thinking of 'bubble/chewing gum blowing'. xD

After that was Grade 2, and Misaki seemed to catch the 'virus' the moment she stepped in the studio.
Then it 'infected' Michelle too.
And soon the entire class.
Proof? I give you....~
Misaki The Dinosaur.

It's the first time I've seen Misaki & Michelle so playful in class. Photobucket
And when they did Exercise For Relaxation, Misaki had a puffer fish face. No one knows why.

And just because I think that Michelle's style in holding her skirt during Rythm is nice..

Then there was Primary.
Sonya, Sophia, Miu Yean and Kai Li were giggling throughout class.
And of course you know Sonya's story.
When Lika asked Kai Li and Samantha not to dance so fast like Micheal Schumacher, Sonya burst out laughing.

My cheeks hurt from laughing so much..~ Photobucket

Misaki & Michelle.

April 21, 2009

Well, That Was A Little Embarrasing.. =.=

So earlier today, Lika arrived at my house earlier than she said she would to fetch me, then Ms Chua, to Starbucks in ECM for our little 'discussion'.
Luckily I got ready early. Photobucket

So anyways, we went to Vistana and Lika rang Ms Chua, only to find out that she had only just arrived at the bus station.
So we found a parking and waited in the car while chatting a bit, but then Lika said she had to use the WC. Photobucket

By the time we came out of the toilet and were making our way back to the car, Ms Chua and her friend had just arrived.
So we waited at the hotel lobby while Ms Chua got herself settled in her hotel room.
At Vistana, there was some kind of event going on, and I saw one of my college friends, that chinese guy that took Moral Studies with us back in our second last semester.
Ong something was his name, I think. Photobucket
We smiled at each other, and he dissapeared in a room and I never saw him again after that. =p

To cut the story short, the discussion with Ms Chua made both Lika and I more relieved, after Ms Chua explained why what happened.
We felt reassured, and it was nice.

Then came the afternoon class.
I arrived at about 4.50 to open the gates in case Chia Hern came early, while Lika went to fetch Ms Chua.

We started at Port De Bras, Chia Hern attempting to catch up as we did the work on the spot.
And I must say, she deserves an applaud for being able to comprehend if even a bit of the work.
We couldn't turn the air cond's tempreture too low - Ms Chua was coughing rather badly, and it was bad enough that she took it as something 'normal'. Photobucket
So we were pretty much sweating from the early off.
Plus, we weren't allowed to drink water.

And about 1 1/2 hours into it, I could feel myself starting to get dizzy.
My vision was blurring, and try as I may to stand upright and continue dancing, my vision was failing me and I think I would faint or black out if I didn't sit down for a while.
So I apologised to Ms Chua, saying I felt dizzy, and went to the chair to sit.
She said I needed to take more iron. Photobucket
It was then that Ms Chua finally gave in and let us have a sip of water.
But heck, I had more than a sip. Photobucket

The dizziness faded away after a while, so I got up and danced again.
After learning a new dance and dancing with the music, the dizziness came back.
It comes and goes, going away when I sit and rest for a while, then coming back again when I've strained myself to catch a step a bit. Photobucket

It was a rather embarassing sight, really, when Lika and Chia Hern (who is in fact our junior) felt fine.
I later found out that Lika has been secretly fighting the urge to throw up not long after I had my dizzy spells.
Thank goodness that about half an hour before ending, she went through the techniques with us instead of teaching the other 7 dances, so it wasn't so strainful for me.

Maybe my dizzy spells were was also due to the fact that I had just finished my period on today itself, so I guessed my body was rather tired.
But even so, I still think that we should have classes like this more often to train our stamina and to actually get us working once in a while.
It'd be good for us, and God knows it'd be good at improving our technique, which, from what Ms Chua told us, we had a lot to work at.

April 17, 2009

Another One Of My Childish Confessions...

I haven't been writing, I know..
I'm either too busy to or I just plain have nothing to write about.
My practical is still going on, for I dunno how much longer.
The supposed inspection on the 6th week never came. In fact, there was no news from my sad excuse of a college ever since practical started.

Anyways, I'm not here to ramble on about my pathetic college life. Photobucket
I'm here to post another of my many worries, so you'll be forgiven if you wanna just not read this entry.

Main topic of the day: Ms Chua.

Instead of going to Ms Tam every now and then in KL, it looks like we're now having Ms Chua come over every once in a while to teach us and check on our work.
And unlike Gino, She won't let us drink when we're thirsty.
She gives her students one water break if they have a six hour class.
I won't even bother mentioning how dehydrated I'd be by then.
Three hours with Ms Chua in Terengganu with Shu Cia, and my tongue literally dried up.

I'm not kidding.

Then there's the other factor that unlike Gino, Ms Chua is more work, close to nil talk.
I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but that means more work, and you can count on her to make you do an exercise until you get it right.
No matter how many times that would take.

Which brings me to the first major reason I'm nervous about going to Ms Chua's classes.

1. Pirouettes

Let's face it, I suck at pirouettes.
No, more than suck. Me + double pirouettes = NOT good.
I entered Lika's class being her junior, seeing as I only joined her class because the other girls in my group fled to further their studies.
So technically, I'm the most 'beginner' one.
It's an extremely poor excuse, actually, I know.

So in Ms Chua's class, I tend to stand out.
Because I suck at pirouettes.
Lika's pirouette has improved, and she's MUCH better than me at it.
Which makes me stand out even more.
Not that I don't want to be corrected and improve myself, goodness no..
It's just the embarrasment of not quite getting it, even in this level, when I SHOULD have already been able to master it.

Gino says my foot has a good arch, but compared to my work as a whole, that 'advantage', as it should be called, isn't even close to being an advantage.

So contrary to what Jocelyn/Lixian may say, for my grade, I'm a HORRIBLE dancer. Photobucket

And that brings me to factor #2:

2. Pointe Work.

I never liked pointe work, even from the start.
Putting all your weight on your poor toes, no less dancing on them, is just cruel.
Especially when you weigh 58kg like I do. Photobucket
And I have the scars from blisters on my toes to prove it.
Oh, and weak ankles too. I has them. (Intentional sentence structure, fyi.)

I have this fear of twisting my ankles when I go en pointe, so I tend to be extra careful.
And being the huge klutz that I am, I bloody well SHOULD.
And an even bigger fear of mine is twisting my ankles by accident, and not being able to dance again because of it. *Knocks on wood x99999999 times*
Which I hope to God will not ever happen. I'd die if I can't dance anymore. Photobucket

Back to the original story.

So when Ms Chua teaches, I'll be the one who isn't able to do as much as Lika can, or withstand the pain nearly as much as she can. (Curse my weight.)
I'll be the one struggling to go en pointe without literally breaking my toes while Lika still has the energy/strength left to continue.

It's an extreme contrast, especially when there's just the two of us dancing.
Which is why, I repeat, I'm sorta nervous for the upcoming Ms Chua's class on Tuesday.

Because I'll stand out too much.
Because I'll be the weakest one there.
Because I'd fail. Photobucket

It's not that I don't try.
God knows I do, especially in Ms Tam or Ms Chua's classes.
But I can't.
And that's what depresses me.

April 10, 2009

Another Thursday When Gino isn't Around..

I arrived in the studio in the middle of Grade 2's class.
I played around with Lika's new phone, and it was quite nice, save the small keypad. It's not even 1cm wide.. =.=

Then, the genius that is Lika came up with a new name for David Archuleta & David Cook.
And lemme just say that it's not for the innocent-minded. xD
We cracked up a good deal at it. Jovian's answer to our questions didn't help either.
The poor innocent girl, she must be wondering why we were cracking up like idiots over her honest, normal answer.. Rofl. xDD
Qian Li's work is getting better too, good for her. And she, along with Chrystal were the only two hardworking ones in Grade 4.. Megan, Jovian and Sayaka were complete chaos.
BUUUTTTTT.. After class, Qian Li resumed her title as Class Chatterbox. xD

Everyone was asking Lika and I random riddles after class, some which gave the impression of 'well duh,' others, a few blank stares.
Mostly the blank stares ones came from none other than Chatterbox herself.
Especially her 'Sound Effect-filled' Pink Panther one. Uh.. huh?

For Grade 7, only Tze Ping came, so we spent it chatting, and me - sending some of her phone games to mine.
Highlight of the time? Tze Ping's reaction at Lucky's videos.
She spazzed.
No, more like squealed. I mean literally squealed.
With the leg shaking and all.
That funny woman. xD

April 05, 2009

A Little Backdated, but..

Last month (March 29th, to be exact), I was finally able to have my first Korean dish! ^^

There's this food court that opened its doors not too long ago called Tropicana, where there were sections selling different kinds of dishes.
And there was one Korean food stall! 8D

Though the Korean food here might not exactly taste like the original (not placing any blind assumptions whatsoever though), it's as good as it's gonna get here.

I pondered for a minute on what to get; naturally I wanted to try them all (though the choices were rather limited), but at that moment I had to pick the one that was most appealing.
Originally, I was keen on trying 삼겹살(because it looked so bloody tempting everytime I see it), but it wasn't on the menu. =.="
Finally, I decided on 닭 불고기 and a plate of 닭 김밥 to share.

Let's do some comparing, shall we?
I took some photos of my 닭 불고기 and 닭 김밥, and we'll compare that to the pictures I found on the net. No points for guessing the state of my stomach at the moment. xp

Damn I wanna go eat some 삼겹살 now dammit.. *___*

Lookit that and tell me it doesn't look delicious to you. *___*

April 01, 2009

Video/Pic post! ^^

Nothing much to say this time, so I'll just leave you with some media spam.. ^^

Miu Yean (Sp?) and Samantha doing Rythm.

Exercise with the Scarve thingy. xD

Samantha - Running En Diagonal.

Kai Li & Loi En

Kai Li, Samantha, Loi En

L-r: Fishface!Xing Wei xD, Misaki, Mei Lie

And now to some videos...


Step Hop Forward & Back, Grade 2.

Um, yeah, that's it.. =3
Forgive my fail.. >__>