May 24, 2010

We Want Nobody, Nobody But Chu~

I went to the studio today to help out with the dances for the upcoming bridal performance in ECM. Which, unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to attend because I'll be back in Kampar by then. Photobucket

When I arrived, I could hear Nobody blasting from the speakers, and the children's synchronized clapping. I smiled to myself; I could even hear some of them singing along. No wonder the music sounded so loud - Seow Hui was teaching them outside the studio; in the hallway. Most of them smiled when they saw me, and I went to help Seow Hui with teaching.
The dance was very easy to follow; after all, she had to choreograph a dance that Luvena would be able to follow.

When Seow Hui asked those who still weren't sure of the dance to come out and teach them separately, she asked me to handle the rest. When she left, the girls who knew me, Gina, especially, eagerly moved forward and I heard a distinct 'yay~' somewhere. Photobucket

Well, I don't have much to write about, so I'll let the pictures and videos do the talking, yes?