May 23, 2010

We Meet Again.

I went to Lika's studio at almost 3pm. I was supposed to come at 2pm for Inter, but the Killpest people came, and my lazy ass caused me to only arrive around 3pm.

When I arrived, Kathrina, Kai Hong, Seow Hui, Jermaine, Wan Hui and Xing Ying were at the barre, doing Intermediate. I sat out until after their class, when we did a little of Advanced 1. And I DO mean a little. We just did the barre work, skipping Battemend Lend and Fouette & Rotations. That itself already made me sweat quite badly.

Kathrina, principle of the PAD (Penguin Academy of Dance), created an easier alternative for Ronds de Jambe with Pirouettes. The part where you have to do a double pirouette, you just wait there, then changement to the other direction at the last count. Photobucket
I wish PAD really existed. Photobucket

Later on, before Pre-primary, Lika, Seow Hui and I went down to the sundry shop downstairs to but a couple of snacks to munch. And to be honest, there goes my weight. Photobucket
I gained 2kgs the 2 weeks I was in Kampar after study week, because I ate so much. I lost 1 kg after coming back here, after finding out about my weight gain and attempting to control my food intake. Worked so far;  I still have another kg to lose (or more, not complaining...), but I haven't weighed myself after the snack indulgence today.
Almost afraid to. Photobucket

Then at around 7, Gina's group came, along with Sonia & Sophia the 2 from Hong Lee; Megan and Michelle. Esther seemed less lively than the last I saw her; where else Irene and Gina were their usual talkative and lively selves. They were all doing the new syllabus by now, the pre-primary and primary. It was interesting to watch them do something else other than the usual, almost-boring-to-look-at pp and primary work.
Hmm. I wish they would change the other syllabus' too. To slightly easier, of course. Photobucket