May 05, 2010

*Smacks Head*

I actually forgot to post this. Genius, I am. Photobucket

So I went back to Kuantan for study week, the main reason being to celebrate my sister's birthday. But since during the duration of my stay, ballet classes would be on, I decided I'd pay the studio a surprise visit. Only Lika and Kathrina knew about it.

So on my way up to the studio, I decided to record the reaction of the students.
P/S: Sorry for the unbelievably shaky footage; I was secretly recording. xD

Of all the reactions, though, I'd say that the best would probably be Sayaka's. Lika had suggested that I hide behind the piano, then pop out when the students came in for Grade 5. And because the students came at various times, I had to hide behind the piano various times as well. Photobucket But oh well, at least I had 'entertainment' in the form of watching Tze Ping play the piano. Photobucket

When Sayaka came and I popped out from behind the piano, her eyes widened and incoherently said "Ooh! You...!". She then ran to me and hugged me, then pulled me out from behind the piano and started spinning me around, and talking so fast I couldn't catch half of it (She IS half Japanese, after all). I think she said something like "OmgwherehaveyoubeenallthistimeImissedyou!" though. Photobucket

Also that same day, Lika pulled something out from the paper bag beside the teacher's table and said, "Look what I found while cleaning Gino's stash...-" and handed me a bundle of photos.
It was the same bundle that Gino had once showed us, of his old days performing. I've seen them before, but I went through them again forlornly.

I've learnt to deal with the death of Mr Gino, yes. Before, when he had just passed on, I find myself wanting to cry whenever I practised in my room back in my hostel. And whenever I see videos I've taken of the students dancing, particularly with Gino's 'commentary' in the background, I cry. It's sad to think that we'll never hear that again, especially his jokes. I still have the messages that he sent me after I went to Kampar. Silly Gino, always up for a laugh. I had thought that the next time I visit the studio after his death, I'd cry. But I had managed to keep quite well composed. After all, the atmosphere was no different than on Mondays or whenever he couldn't make it to teach, and where Lika would have to replace him.
Then, because the students were being playful, Lika displayed a solo shot of Mr Gino on the table, facing the students, and joked, "Dance nicely ar.. Mr Gino is watching you~" The students laughed, as did I. Sayaka even said it was creepy to have Mr Gino's picture watching her dance.
But as I sat on the chair, I wondered. Are you really watching us from above, Mr Gino? Are you proud of us, of how the students are prepared for the exam? Do you know how much we missed you, and that Norma has been sick since you were gone?
Even as I write this, I have failed to keep my tears in. So I guess, in a way, I was right. Re-visiting the studio after his death would bring so many memories, it hurts. If he were still with us, last week, I would have probably attended our usual Advanced 1 class, probably in Classical Thai. Haha.

But that's probably enough reminiscing the sad memories for now. I'm off to Ann's house for burger! (At 2.40am, wtf.) Maybe I'll edit this later if I find that there's anything I missed.