April 05, 2009

A Little Backdated, but..

Last month (March 29th, to be exact), I was finally able to have my first Korean dish! ^^

There's this food court that opened its doors not too long ago called Tropicana, where there were sections selling different kinds of dishes.
And there was one Korean food stall! 8D

Though the Korean food here might not exactly taste like the original (not placing any blind assumptions whatsoever though), it's as good as it's gonna get here.

I pondered for a minute on what to get; naturally I wanted to try them all (though the choices were rather limited), but at that moment I had to pick the one that was most appealing.
Originally, I was keen on trying 삼겹살(because it looked so bloody tempting everytime I see it), but it wasn't on the menu. =.="
Finally, I decided on 닭 불고기 and a plate of 닭 김밥 to share.

Let's do some comparing, shall we?
I took some photos of my 닭 불고기 and 닭 김밥, and we'll compare that to the pictures I found on the net. No points for guessing the state of my stomach at the moment. xp

Damn I wanna go eat some 삼겹살 now dammit.. *___*

Lookit that and tell me it doesn't look delicious to you. *___*