April 17, 2013


On the 9th of June, I will be going to KL to watch Men In Tutus. Lika and I were going on about it yesterday, which probably contributed to the dream.

I was at the old studio again (note how most dance dreams are at the old studio), and of course, Gino was teaching. First he was teaching some kids, and then, Lixian. Oddly though, she had a spiky 'do. O.o

Then I was supposed to go out with Seow Hui and Lika somewhere (to eat, probably), so I got ready my purse and all beforehand, leaving my ballet bag behind. But for some reason when it was time to go, I couldn't find my purse, the most important one. And the irritating thing was that every time I walked down the stairs, I would remember that I had forgotten to take something. ==

Then when we got back (I dunno how I went out with literally nothing with me), Gino was still teaching Lixian, and she was crying, but she was surprisingly optimistic. She said something like it was okay because after all, Gino wanted the best for her. O_o Wow, Lixian. =p

But the whole point is... up till today, I still miss Gino. VERY much so.