August 24, 2009

Guess What?

That would be my (early) birthday present.
A new laptop.^^
(Sorry for the horrible quality of the pictures, blame my digicam.
... or not. xD)

Thank you daddy~! ^^

P/S: Why am I only posting this now? Well, my internet was being a total pain in the rear, for one thing.. and also Firefox seem to be always crashing every few minutes. It must hate Vista. >_>

August 22, 2009


This is the first time I'm actually announcing something here. ^-^
But I'm here to say that..

I have a website now~!

Go on, go have a look, and comment! ^^

August 14, 2009

Admit It, You Saw This Coming.

I absolutely LOVE my highlights. ^^

It didn't turn out quite as I expected it to; in fact, it turned out better.
Thank you Mr Gino!^^

Pictures of the bleaching process, as taken by Lika with my phone:

Why hallo thar, teacher. xD

Mad woman on the loose. Yes, I know I look horrible, thank you, Lika.

As Lika has warned me, my hair was coarse after the bleach (wouldn't expect any less anyway), and let me say that I've never applied that much conditioner to my hair in my life, let alone in a day.

When I came back home, I shampooed my hair to wash the excessive bleach that might've still stuck to my hair out, then conditioned it.
After that, I put treatment to it and wrapped it up in a shower cap (for almost 4 hours, no less. I even slept with the shower cap on, >_<). Then when I wanted to take my shower before class, I finally took off the shower cap, rinsed my hair off of the conditioner, and went about bathing as usual, not forgetting the normal (extra, actually) conditioning after shampooing.
But I guess it worked, because my hair wasn't as coarse as I feared it to be, thank goodness. It's still slightly coarse yes, but it's something I can live with. xD
Then I went for class in the evening, nearly an hour late because of all that excessive conditioning. But luckily, we didn't dance.
xD So pictures from that afternoon:


And no, she's NOT fussing about me..

See what I mean? =.=

All was fine and dandy, until Grade 5.
My sinus decided to pay me a visit.

And I felt SO. F******. MISERABLE.

If only noses were detachable, I'd long detached my leaking pipe of a nose.

No, you shall not see how miserable I look.

August 09, 2009

The Performance.

You know what, I think I take back what I said in this post.
Or just.. Next time we have a performance, I pray to Shisus (Yes, I'm a shipper. xD) that we bring the bigger girls, and minus Jing Faye.
The younger girls, being young, (a.k.a Luvena, Agnes, etc), were more than a handful.
And then there's Jing Faye. I think I'm seriously beginning to wanna lay my hand on her.
I get what Lika means when she says Jing Faye is disrespectful and stubborn now.
I mean, seriously.

What would a performance be without pictures? ^^
The following were taken while still in Lika's studio.
(A.K.A when Mission: Makeup and Hair was in progress. xD)

The 3 posers. Whip out a camera, and you get many poses from this trio.

... even when taking a picture of their hair. *A*

*Kabonks Gina*.
*Evil laughter*

The gang.

And then there's the pics from the hotel, which we didn't get to take as much, because it was so hectic the moment we stepped in Swiss Garden. >_>
Not helped by the fact that by the time we reached there and got ready for rehearsals, we were already beginning to sweat.
And there goes my curls. *Sigh*
There was also the fact that when Gina mentioned that we would be getting a hotel room to change and prepare in, we didn't know it meant 'tumpang-ing' someone's hotel room.
And when we allowed them to have a little snack before their performances, Jing Faye and Gina kinda messed the hotel room floor (and bed) with their biscuit crumbs and the glitter on their body (the glitter one was Agnes's work).
So I had to wipe them with a wet tissue and dispose it.

Then the 'tennant's' two young daughters fell asleep, and there was the challenge of staying quiet for the kids.
*Smacks forehead*
I swear I'm not gonna have that many little kids in the future.
They'd stress me out to the point of insanity.
Or worse.
Sooo... Pictures:

My curls were performing their dissapearing act as we speak..

I just.. dunno. Star-crossed lovers mebbe? xDD

Group shot after the 'sexy dance'.

And.. that's a wrap.
As usual, we (Lika and I) could rarely eat as we had to take care/feed the younger ones.
I only had a small bowl of soup and a few small slices of cake that Lika helped me get.

Oh, and also..
My Kpop obsession is getting to me, because I seem to see lookalikes everywhere.
First, Ee Loe which reminds me of Lee Seung Gi.
Then today, a new parent at Lika's studio looked like the girl version of Donghae. O.O
Whoa there.

EDIT: I haz uploaded teh vidz! (the vocabulary is intentional, I promise. xD)

Hawaiian Dance/Welcoming the Bride & Groom

Pussycat Dolls' Sway/'Sexy Dance'

August 07, 2009

Hair Dye, Ichibawa, & San-San.

This morning, we were supposed to get out hair bleached and dyed by Gino.
But turns out there was not enough bleach after he was finished with Lika's hair, (yes, your name is in my blog again. You're famous, bitch. Live with it. xD) so my turn would be next week.
The results of Gino's England-Class Bleaching:

Minutes after the bleaching was done.

Later in the evening.
Not bad, if you ask me. xD

Bleaching my hair the following week also means:

No dancing next Thursday morning
! xD

After that was done, Allegro Girl (whom although her mom mentioned her name today, I still can't remember! I only remembered it was Pei-something. Sorry! >_<) would be dancing with us. And in the second I was walking up the steps to the studio in the evening, I realised that I forgot my 'crunchy'. (I swear that woman is ruining my vocabulary.) Lika hadn't brought a spare this time, only that little.. hair clampy thingy. xD My hair was too thick for me to 'pin' it up like others would normally do, so Lika helped me clamp my hair up. The result?
All in favour of Lika taking hairdressing? *Raises hand*

Thankfully, we didn't dance much, because we 'weren't sure' (for the allegro and pointe part only, actually xD). So Allegro Girl did most of it. xD And to be honest, I wanted to cry seeing her. Not because I was moved or anything, but because I realised just how much I sucked. Still do, actually. *0* She had really strong legs (pros of being a runner) and great control. To top it off, she's only 14. Yeah. Can I go to a corner and envy her to death now?

On another note, Sayaka was correcting Lika on the honorifics department when Lika called her 'Sayaka-san' After Sayaka explained that only last names were associated with the '-san' (or any other honorific for that matter), I looked at Lika, slightly dazed, and asked, "Does that mean my name is San-san?" Although I already knew about the last name thingy, still, I had always wondered it. So Sayaka offered an alternative for my name: 日 ('Hee', meaning 'sun' in Japanese)-San. But then I said, to no one in particular, "But my name is Pit (if you don't pronounce the 't', it could sound like 'hee' ) San .. "
Apparently, Lika heard me because she burst into fits of laughter. xD
We then concluded that my name was (doomed to be) Pit San-san.
Now you know why I hate my name sometimes.

Anyways after that incident, Gino was mentioning an incident on how his 'Japanese nickname' was Ichibawa.
Not funny?
Let me rephrase that.

Please tell me you get that.

August 05, 2009

Food Preview

Today was my first time attending a food preview.
Actually, I didn't even know it was a food preview until Mimi told me later on.
I also only got to know about this affair a few hours before the actual thing, when I went to the office earlier that day.

Anyway, Mimi fetched me along with Kevin and Teo.
Kevin talked a lot and was friendlier of the two. Maybe it was the language barrier. xp
To sum it up, let's just say that we had more desserts than main course. xD

After dinner and when we decided to head home, we stopped by the pianist playing in the lobby, because Kevin knew him.
Mimi requested a few songs and he played some others that he knew, and the first song Mimi requested was Winter Sonata.
I recorded a bit of it (I couldn't help it! >_<). Have a listen:

Ahh, the memories..
I remember Hong Wen first introduced me to this drama, which was how I began to like Korea in the first place.
And the only words I learnt (or rather, remembered) then were '그대'. xD
And it was the first time in my life that I cried so hard watching a drama. *.*

August 02, 2009

These Are What I Walk Down Memory Lane For.

I love them.

P/S: The practise at Swiss Garden went well, but it would've been even better if it wasn't SO.FRIGGIN.HOT.
We were all drenched.
Love the final pose of Sway, and Xing Wei's Hawaiian Solo.

Xing Wei's Solo: