October 29, 2009

Nothing New, But..

Today was a mentally and emotionally exhausting day for me, and I can imagine that it is even more so for Lika.

If you're gonna ask someone to do your dirty work for you, at least give that person some credit. Hogging all the praise and only handing over the negatives are not mature at all.
I have never mentioned anything before, but really, it's getting too much.

To have a student be cut from another person's registrar and into yours? Tell me how that sounds fair, especially when the parent went to the other studio instead?
If you can't get the kind of student or recognition you want, at least have a little responsibility in it, and have some pride in you and don't steal someone else's student. That's just wrong in so many ways.

You say you're horrible with money.
Well, either you're just extremely forgetful almost to the point of Alzheimer's, or that statement was a lie.
Try to understand the other person's situation. How would you have felt if you were in that person's shoes?
You do, you say. That's why you're more lenient with the fees of some students, you claim.
But that's just it. You're only so; slightly, I might add, with the students.
Students whom you know are having their parents pay their fees for them. Parents, whom you can't twist around your finger.

We are not ungrateful. We are well aware of the things you have taught us, the dedication you put in your work.
But.. enough is enough.