August 29, 2010

This Will Be A Short Entry.

Because I just HAD to post this up now, but I can't/don't want to dwell on it too long because I'm currently at the CC, and I"m afraid I'll start bawling my eyes out if I think of it for too long. So here goes.

Remember how all this time, Gino has told mummy how his late wife died giving birth to Mischa? And how he told a different story to one of his sisters, whom told Lika that Gino had 2 other daughters when Lika asked?

According to his other sister,  they were between 21-25/26, and studying in England..

I called Lika earlier today out of boredom, and found out the truth about it all; Mr Gino never had 'two daughters'. It seemed that the other sister (who was not as close to Gino as Norma was) might have misunderstood. Norma had told Lika that chances were, the 'two daughters' the other sister meant were actually Lika and I. Because it seemed, Mr Gino talked a lot about us. And it would explain the age range. I was around 20-21 at that time, and Lika was 24-25.

Another thing I found out was where Gino had gotten my 'pet' name, 'Crystal Packing Mama'. It was originally a country song titled 'Pistol Packing Mama', and amongst the people who sang it was Willie Nelson. And that was the only version I had time to listen to, in order not to break down in public. He changed the title of the song and put my name instead.

Ok, I think that's enough for now. Just to write this short entry, I had to distract myself (I couldn't stand writing it all at one shot - and had to take a few breaths to calm myself before continuing)  several times, then continue.

Before I post this, here's the video of Willie Nelson's version of Pistol Packing Mama.
RIP, Mr Gino. You still make me cry.

August 16, 2010

Someone Spank Me.

Oh, and get your head outta the gutters, people! I don't mean it like that. ;p

I mean that in a way because I haven't been updating my dance blog.
Which means I haven't been dancing.
Properly, that is.

And, those of you who know me very well know how blur I can be, and how long it takes for the little brain of mine to process things.
Well, said 'little brain' has just realised something, now, almost 2 months after it happened.

I was reading through my posts in my other, more general blog (SGA), and I came across something that made me realise something.
In this post in SGA, I mentioned how I promised that I would join UTAR's Dance Club, first and foremost as a tribute to Mr Gino, and that I would not stop dancing.
Then months later, when I finally managed to join the Dance Club, I was elected Assistant Treasurer at the General Meeting.

Could it be, perhaps, Mr Gino's way of making sure that I kept my promise; that I would not stop dancing? Because although I am only the Assistant Treasurer, I'm still part of the committee nonetheless, meaning that I still have to attend 'meetings', and have a say in decisions made for the Dance Club.

I dunno, I may be thinking too much, and probably have made some of you sick with this whole 'Mr Gino thing'.
But it's just a thought.
And it's not impossible, is it not?