December 06, 2013

Classical Ballet Workshop At FAB (Federal Academy of Ballet) by Kenichi Soki

FIRST, I gotta say this... To go to this workshop was trying for us. It started flooding about a day before our planned trip,and we were so worried we wouldn't be able to go. 

I saw on the flyer of this workshop that the teacher, Kenichi Soki, was very well known and won Teacher of The Year multiple times. I had been looking forward to it ever since I heard of it. 

And then the flood came. Because it rained heavily non-stop for 2 freaking days.

The night before the trip, Lika called to see if the bus trip was still on. They said it was.

I woke up the next morning, excited, and went to shower, before realising, rather last minute, that the blackout that lasted since the night before would cause my water heater to not work. 

And it was still raining. GREAT.

I swear, I have not had a colder shower in my LIFE.

Except perhaps when I was in Korea with the faulty shower heater. Anyways..

We arrived at the bus station and waited for our bus. It came not long after, but one of the Sani staff (the name of the bus company we used) was seen walking to and fro, on the phone with who knows who. So we managed to get on the bus, which was COLD. I don't get cold easily, but it was cold. We waited in the bus for half an hour before another Malay passenger came in and informed us that the trip 'tak jadi (was cancelled)', and that they would refund our tickets.

We were bummed. I SO thought we were able to go after all, and I was kinda hoping to meet aunty Norma. It was also then that we actually saw the extent of the damage caused by the flood the day before at the terminal:

Mud COVERED the floor of the waiting hall, as well as the parking lot. There were many cars that were submerged in the flood, and therefore couldn't move. All I could think of was how happy car repair workshops would be after the flood, with the amount of cars in which water seeped into the exhaust.

That's it, we thought. Bye bye course. I was disappointed, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the slightest bit relief, because truth is, I was a wee bit worried about leaving my family amidst all the chaos. My dad was suffering from gout as it is, and couldn't move fast; and, as much as I love my mum, she'd be useless if anything were to happen to our house. Especially with Ivan literally following her everywhere she goes.

But then Lika was informed that one of Kevin's friend would be going to KL, and that we might be able to make it after all, though later.

Long story short, we didn't make it as the highway was still flooded. So we agreed for the next day instead.

We would miss the first class, but we were hoping to go real early so as to not miss much of the second; even better if we could make it in time.

And thankfully, we did. We arrived about almost 20 mins to half an hour earlier of the second class. We went in while the first class was still going on.

I sat down, and watched as award-winning teacher Kenichi Soki taught the Grade 5/Inter Found girls. And within minutes, he inspired me. He taught everyone to never say 'no' to your teacher; it's ok to say that you didn't get a combination, but never say no when a teacher asks if you can do it, because you have to try.

He was jokative with that class, and the next, but was stern with the Advanced girls, and rightfully so. Throughout, he spouted wisdom. His passion for teaching shone through throughout. I wished the girls back home could watch him teach, or even better, be taught. Even more than a passionate teacher, he was a brilliant dancer (his turns were FIERCE!). But then again, what could you expect from a world-renowned teacher and dancer?

Me with Kenichi Soki. What a great teacher and dancer.

Not long after the last class of the day started, thunder sounded, and it began raining heavily. I began to get worried that I would not be able to go back that night. More so funded by the fact that when I called Sani earlier, they said that trips to Kuantan from KL would be cancelled until Sunday due to the flood. But.. we were able to come to KL without trouble... so... why? Thankfully I wasn't going back by Sani, but Transnational.. and I had called them, and they said trips would be going on as usual.

But the sudden downpour of rain worried me. It was heavy, too. I wouldn't mind staying the night, and if possible, attending the next day's Neo Classical workshop, but there were 3 main factors preventing me from wishing the rain continued:
1) My family back home, of course,
2)My ever-growing money shortage, and
3) no change of clothes.

But all went well, and here I am, back home safely, writing this post. The flood has gone down too, even in the most affected areas. Thank goodness for that.

Thank you Kenichi sensei for a wonderful workshop! ^^