August 07, 2009

Hair Dye, Ichibawa, & San-San.

This morning, we were supposed to get out hair bleached and dyed by Gino.
But turns out there was not enough bleach after he was finished with Lika's hair, (yes, your name is in my blog again. You're famous, bitch. Live with it. xD) so my turn would be next week.
The results of Gino's England-Class Bleaching:

Minutes after the bleaching was done.

Later in the evening.
Not bad, if you ask me. xD

Bleaching my hair the following week also means:

No dancing next Thursday morning
! xD

After that was done, Allegro Girl (whom although her mom mentioned her name today, I still can't remember! I only remembered it was Pei-something. Sorry! >_<) would be dancing with us. And in the second I was walking up the steps to the studio in the evening, I realised that I forgot my 'crunchy'. (I swear that woman is ruining my vocabulary.) Lika hadn't brought a spare this time, only that little.. hair clampy thingy. xD My hair was too thick for me to 'pin' it up like others would normally do, so Lika helped me clamp my hair up. The result?
All in favour of Lika taking hairdressing? *Raises hand*

Thankfully, we didn't dance much, because we 'weren't sure' (for the allegro and pointe part only, actually xD). So Allegro Girl did most of it. xD And to be honest, I wanted to cry seeing her. Not because I was moved or anything, but because I realised just how much I sucked. Still do, actually. *0* She had really strong legs (pros of being a runner) and great control. To top it off, she's only 14. Yeah. Can I go to a corner and envy her to death now?

On another note, Sayaka was correcting Lika on the honorifics department when Lika called her 'Sayaka-san' After Sayaka explained that only last names were associated with the '-san' (or any other honorific for that matter), I looked at Lika, slightly dazed, and asked, "Does that mean my name is San-san?" Although I already knew about the last name thingy, still, I had always wondered it. So Sayaka offered an alternative for my name: 日 ('Hee', meaning 'sun' in Japanese)-San. But then I said, to no one in particular, "But my name is Pit (if you don't pronounce the 't', it could sound like 'hee' ) San .. "
Apparently, Lika heard me because she burst into fits of laughter. xD
We then concluded that my name was (doomed to be) Pit San-san.
Now you know why I hate my name sometimes.

Anyways after that incident, Gino was mentioning an incident on how his 'Japanese nickname' was Ichibawa.
Not funny?
Let me rephrase that.

Please tell me you get that.