November 19, 2009

Can't Say I Didn't See This Coming...

I mean, after all, I was already kinda sore from Zumba yesterday, plus ballet again today, tomorrow morning AND afternoon, then Zumba again on Friday.
There goes my limbs, I tell ya. xD

First there was our Advanced 1 class at 3pm, then we danced Grade 3 with Bethany 'so she wouldn't feel alone', according to Gino.
After that, we danced Grade 6 with Jermaine, Wan Hui and Sharnita.
Tomorrow, I have Adv 1 in the morning and again around evening, then Grade 5, which thankfully, I sit out most of the time (Guiltily grins at Lika), and then Grade 7.
Which I know for a fact that we'd have to dance with them.
Oh, and then there's Grade 4 after that too, by which just looking at them drains your energy.
Seriously. It's either some Feng Shui thingy or the aura. xD

But today was a fairly good day.. Gino made his 'comeback' after 2 weeks of serious food poisoning.
After Bethany's class, her younger siblings Ben and Rose hung out in the studio while Gino was talking to Ruth.
Lika showed off asked Rose to hug and kiss her, which Rose did. She's adorable.^^
Rose, I mean. Rose is adorable. Lika is not. xDD
Lika then asked Rose to hug and kiss me, but I got rejected. Dx
Not long after that, though, Rose gave in and hugged and kissed me.^^ No idea if she was persuaded into doing it, though. xp

I was told something shocking during Grade 3 though.
Misaki had a hole in her heart when she was a baby, and had to undergo multiple surgeries for it! O_O
I never would have guessed, looking at her today. Just makes you feel thankful that everything went well, doesn't it?

And I think, though, that amongst Lika's students that come to this studio for double class, Primary (Gina, Esther, Yen Min, Irene) is probably the most well-organized. Maybe it's because they're bigger girls than the pre-primary, and well, Kathrina and Kai Hong is a definite exception. xD

And it was during Primary that I realised; my dance blog has been rather.. picture/video deprived lately.
It's been a while since I took a picture or video of a class and posted it up here. About time I got some fresh resources. I'll try to get some tomorrow. ;D

Yeah, well, I can hear crickets starting to sing in my brain now. Best stop here before I ramble on about totally irrelevant stuff. xD