October 23, 2009

Hornbills, Penguins, Dead Ducks.. What's next??

It doesn't sound as horrible as it looks, trust me. xD

  1. First, it was the ultimate 'Dead Duck' Dance, a.k.a Grade 7's Port De Bras, created by yours truly and THE ultimate partner in crime.
  2. Then, it was Sayaka and her 'Hornbill' Dance.
  3. Today, 2 new revolutionary dances were created by our very own protege.

The first, the 'process' of the death of the poor(tortured) duck mentioned in (1.) through the dance.

For the next piece of genius, I give you the equation of:

Kathrina + Holubetz = Kathrina(Penguin) x Genius originality²
                                                 Crazy creativity
                              = The Happy Penguin Dance.

That is all.