July 31, 2009


Lika would probably kill me for saying this, but..

I wish there were more concerts.

If not a performance by ourselves, then at least be a performance for the kids.
And it may be late, but within these few weeks of 'assisting' Lika in the kids' performance dances, I've come to realize completely that it's not Ballet I'm passionate about.

It's dancing.
Contemporary dancing, the kind you see in MVs.
And singing, something I discovered not too long ago.
Though my current standard is not quite 'decent' yet.
But I made a discovery with my voice tonight, something that I won't mention here.

But still, the fact remains that my main passion is performing on stage.
So people, get us (the entire team, if that's even possible! xD) to perform more! xD

July 26, 2009

The Reason Why I Love Kids & Dancing.

Today was a hell load of emotions all in one.

First, Lika was pissed that some students took forever to learn the simple steps for the Hawaiian Dance.
Then Luvena fell down from her chair while eating some snacks that a parent prepared for the students (how she fell is beyond me, although Gina had said that she toppled down from her chair), and at first cried because she said it hurt.
But when she stopped crying, Branice or Agnes said out loud, "Teacher, got blood!" and the whole crying marathon began again.
This time Luvena kept insisting that she wanted her mother, and we left her outside with Jing Faye's mother for quite a while before she (Jing Faye's mum) popped her head in the studio saying that Luvena would not stop crying and kept asking for her mother.

In short, I managed to coax Luvena to come back into the studio and made her river of tears stop flowing.
Thank goodness.

After that, Lika seemed to be running for class clown or something, because she sort of 'blackmailed' the students with her container of sweets, asking who was pretty, her or me.
So in other words, I got demoted to 'ugly', and Lika literally looked like the prettiest teacher in the world. T_T
But it was all in good fun, the class was roaring with laughter at the antics of all the 'adults', in other words Lika, her mother, me, and Jing Faye's mother.

By this time, Luvena had officially stopped crying completely, and was her usual self again.
Also helped by the fact that Lika would constantly ask Luvena & Branice who was the ugliest amongst the kids, to which both would always point at Jing Faye.
That's how the joke started.
I became in the 'ugly' gang with Jing Faye, to everyone's hilarity.

And because everytime someone admits that Lika was pretty, they'd get sweets, Luvena would exaggerate and keep praising Lika.
So needless to say she had the most sweets. Lol.
Luvena would say things to Lika like "Teacher, you are the prettiest. She (pointing to me) is ugly." Which caused the entire studio to burst into laughter.

So to summarize things up, this is where Lika & I stand at the end of the day:

  • Lika is pretty but not sexy. (Luvena)

  • Lika is pretty everyday (Luvena)

  • I am sexy but ugly. (Luvena)

  • I'm funny and naughty (Gina)

  • "Teacher, you very funny la..~"(Gina to me)

We all had a good laugh today, the atmosphere was really pleasant.
Lika had also made the kids try a partner step for the Sway dance (under my suggestion), and they were all over the place, or in Lika's words (I quote), "Banging nen-nens." xD

July 23, 2009

My 'Routine' Is All Messed Up..


First of all, we didn't dance much at all this morning.
Just the usual warm up at the barre, plie and the works. We didn't even do the entire barre work, but by the end of the class (which we spent most of the time talking too), both my calf muscles hurt as if I just did an intense workout or something.

Then I later found out that Allegro (the girl, lol) wouldn't be coming until she finishes her Advanced 1 exam, which means that I'll have more time to rest before going for class (which is actually at 5.30pm).
Buuuuttt.. I did not sleep.

Instead, I was on the computer the whole time.
I knew I had to sleep if I didn't want to be a walking zombie like last week again, but (sometimes, I just wanna curse the internets.. or not. xD) I was absorbed in the internet.
(Not that I'm not always absorbed, but yeah, you get the picture.)

Then I received a message not long after to fetch my sister from school at 3.30pm.
I still hadn't slept when I fetched her from school, and by the time we got back, there was little time left before I had to take a shower before going to class.
That being said, I still managed to cram in at least 10 minutes of sleep before I took a shower.
Is that desperate or what??

But anyways, Ashley sent me to ballet today, because she was taking the car (Kancil) to the dentist.

When I went upstairs, our Advanced 1 music was playing, but Lika was just about to walk out of the studio.
Of course.
Gino wasn't there, he went down to Medan Selera to buy food.
And the music was to fool Gino into thinking that we've done up to that far.
But who were we kidding, really? That old geezer knew us too well. xDD

Oh, and we knew the results of that day's exam today too.
Highest mark in the school was a high Distinctioned 84, and belonged to (no surprises here) Misaki.
But a majority of the girls got a Distinction, so congratulations to them.
Though I wasn't satisfied that Carmen did not get a Distinction. She worked so hard, she deserves a Distinction, to be honest.

Also, during Tze Ping's Grade 7, we danced with her and (finally!) did some new dances.
So I didn't really feel sleepy or anything throughout.

But yeah, that's it, to be honest.
I started feeling really drowsy in mum's room later after dinner though.
And I fell asleep halfway typing this up, finishing it the next day, today.

A Short Excerpt From Mum's Birthday..

Cross posted from my LJ. ^^


July 16, 2009

And Today.. You Shall See How Badly I Can Phail.

Let me just do all of us a favour and warn you that I'm a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) blur today as I write this.

Tiredness? Perhaps.
Sleepiness? Ah, there's the one.
I dunno if I'm even gonna make much sense starting from this point on. But I'll try. =3

After my blog entry earlier this morning, turns out I didn't get much (none, actually) rest, mostly due to the lures of the interwebz.
But I thought that it wouldn't be so bad, since all I was gonna do later was go to the studio and laze around, helping Lika teach occasionally, but boy was I wrong.

Lika had asked me to bring my laptop because she had some VCDs that she wanted to show me, that might help us with the steps for the next performance.
Well it did give us a few ideas, but it was kinda hard to take those VCDs as reference, since the majority of them were literally kind of aerobic-like videos.

Later, Lika, Jovian and me went behind the studio, where they had this little shops selling chinese foodstuffs and whatnot (and to which I haven't been to since it opened, which was months ago), because Lika's sambal belacan cucumber snack had her lips transformed into Angelina Jolie's (according to her, anyway).
We had originally wanted to get some snacks from Medan Selera, but the majority of the 'snack shops' were not open.

Then we went upstairs, watched the video for a while, taught Grade 5, and then came Tze Ping's class.
Jovian had left Lixian's book at the studio, so Lika had fun with it, opening the book at a random page and reading a line out loud, then making fun of the way it sounds.
We (Lika and I) had a good laugh about it, while Tze Ping was quite clueless most of the time.
Later on, Tze Ping and I began talking about Harry Potter, which this time left Lika clueless.
We were discussing the happenings in the book, and it got Lika kinda interested to start reading her Chamber of Secrets book again.
(She was never really interested in reading, especially books that had no pictures in it, but after Tze Ping and my babble about the interesting parts of the book, she had the mood to try reading it once more.)

Also, during that discussion, a new character was born: Hisyornee (HisYourKnee).
Opposite of Hermione (HerMyKnee), come up by yours truly.
Can you tell? xD
Also, my comment of how, in my opinion, the Inferi from the movie trailer just looked like really tall Smeagols from LOTR.
I was anticipating that part the most when I read the book; the idea of dead bodies coming out of the waters to grab someone does sound interesting, doesn't it?
But yeah, it looks slightly comical from the trailer.

But then again, like they say, don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, don't judge a movie by it's trailer. xD
I'll just state my opinion tomorrow, once I've watched it. =D

But by the time it was the middle of Tze Ping's class, I began to feel the pinch.
That's when I started feeling drowsy, and my eyelids were shutting down.
Even more so because I hadn't worn my classes or contacts, so everything is in even more of a blur.

Carmen's class went by in a daze; I wasn't paying it much attention, nor could I pay much attention.
I didn't realise I looked blur until Lika asked me why I looked either so moody or blur during Grade 5.
From then on, the blur-ness began slowly catching up on me.

By the end of all the classes, I felt hungry and sleepy, but right then I just felt like going back, turning on the air conditioner, and plopping off to dreamland.
But when I got back, I felt slightly more awake, so I had dinner, and dozed of to sleep while writing this instead. =3

(I was typing up the 5th paragraph when I finally gave in to the sleepy spells and fell asleep in front of my laptop. I woke up about 2-3 hours later and finished typing this up. Now that I'm done, it's back to proper sleep for me. I was half awake the entire time I typed this up. xD)

Gooooooddd Morning Lovelies~!

Entry cross posted in my Cyworld. ;D

Go look at it! Go! *Shoos* =D

July 12, 2009

Kids, Assume Position!

Apparently, they have another performance.
Another wedding performance, this time for one of Gina's mother's friends at Swiss Garden's poolside.

If all goes well, I'll be following Lika to Swiss Garden tomorrow to check the place out.

The view would be spectacular and brilliant, but somehow, that very place (poolside) just spells trouble and mayhem.

Let's hope the performing space is bigger than the Mexica's one, at least.

July 10, 2009

Dead Tired

I had to (okay, fine; it was optional, but still) come at 3 in the afternoon today to see that said 14 year-old girl who was supposedly doing Advanced 1 and Grade 8.
So yeah, I didn't get to have much of a sleep after my morning class.

And to top it off, I had a plate of watermelons for my so-called lunch and a cup of Milo.
So-called diet.
Well, I'd be regretting it later. >_<

The girl, who was from Alor Akar school (and whom Jermaine knew), was quite pleasant looking, and cute in a way that she's give a sheepish grin if she didn't know something or forgot.
But apparently by the time I came (which was around 3.15 - thanks to Ashley who called me at around 2.47 and woke me up from my slumber, otherwise I think I would have slept through), I had 'missed the good parts'.
But heck, I didn't regret it. Sleep/rest came first. =3

So by the time it was Sharnita and Jermaine's class, I started feeling hungry.
All thanks to my (not-so)'smart' attempt at dieting.
The hunger sort of went away after a while though, maybe it was due to the pitying sight of Jermaine trying her best do do pointe work.
Poor girl tries so hard, her face shows it.

Not long into Grade 3, Tze Ping messaged Lika that she was not coming for class tonight.
So Lika hatched a brilliant idea to make a short trip to Medan Selera during our class to get something to eat, and then dance in place of Tze Ping's class.
Thankfully, Gino agreed to it.

I had Chee Cheong Fun and Lika had Curry Mee, but who originally wanted Mee Soup.
I had a craving for curry earlier, but it changed when I went to Medan.
So after we had our stomachs filled, I felt so.damn.heavy. >_>

Smart move, smartypants. Smart move.

Well Gino made good our promise of dancing during Tze Ping's class, and, in an attempt to 'show off' to Lika's 2 Grade 5 girls, asked us to start from Center Work.
He made us do everything extra, and so by the end of our class, we were pretty much wet with sweat and poofed.

By the middle of Grade 4, all 3 of us (yes, Gino included) could hardly comprehend a word properly anymore (okay, that might just be me).
I felt like a sleepy zombie, or at least one who had drugs injected in.

I came back home, feeling as if my head was floating somewhere above me, and could hardly remember 40% of what I said.
I came to my room, switched on the air conditioning, checked my emails real quick, and plopped off to dreamland.
then I woke up at around 4am, and typed this up.

Yup, my timetable is entirely messed up.

July 09, 2009

News Alert

Okay, so I couldn't think of a better title, alright??

Anyways, Lika got her Pre-Primary and Primary New Syllabus' book today, along with the video.
The kids on the page were cute. I spot an azn kid.
Forgive the randomness, I dunno what got into me today.

We taught the Intermediate class the Dance, and Incredible Hulk was being.. Nosy. Nothing new there.

Then come Samantha's class, Lika and I were discussing about the students, e.g How Samantha's gone slightly plump, and how she's grown up from being that small 3 year-old girl that peed in class at one time, to how Loi En is quite a clever girl and was the only one to get the rhythm and counting right, etc.

Then Samantha did the unexpected.
She peed in class again.
We didn't really notice until Sonya exclaimed, " *Points* Samantha! You pee ar??"
Only then did we notice the wet bottom part of her leotard, and the small puddle of liquid beneath her.
Almost the instant Sonya let her thoughts out, everyone else turned, saw, and went "Eeee~!", and almost like opposite sides of a magnet, distanced themselves from the puddle that was gradually flowing.

Thankfully, no one teased Samantha about it after she got herself cleaned up, and Lika had to mop up the mess. xD

We learned new things today too, something about 'Dabing Goldung'(however its' spelled,) and Gino's de cote, but right as we mentioned 'Dabing Goldung', speak of the devil; she arrived.
This seemed to excite Lika, who kept hitting my leg and bursting into laughter.
Um. =.+

July 05, 2009

Seow Hui's Sister's Wedding Performance

Ok, let's start from the beginning.
I was supposed to be there at 5.45pm just in case there were students who went early.
Instead, I left the house at about 5.50 something, and by the time I got there, it was almost 6.
But I saw no one downstairs, so I waited in the car for a while.
After all, I didn't want weird stares on me.

When I found out that Lika told the students to be there at 6, I finally came out of the car and saw Suzanne & Iris with their mom, going somewhere.
I called out to them, and brought them upstairs.
It was also then that I found out that the majority of students were already there.
But their mothers were with them, so no worries.

Not long after that, I met the girl, Jess, and she told us all to wait in the 'waiting room'.
Which was freaking hot and stuffy when we first went in, btw.
I pity the girls. They had to wait inside, while I had to wait downstairs in case the other girls came.
But eventually when I finally went up, the fan was on and there was at least more ventilation than before.

So that 'waiting room' was where everyone waited until it came time for the little 'fairies' to accompany the Bride & Groom in.
And after that was done, they had to go back into the changing room-cum-waiting room to change into their 'sexy clothes', as Lika put it.
Then we had to wait till some guy sings 3 songs, which would then be the cue for the girls' Sway dance.

The moment they came onstage, there were cheers and whistles throughout the hall.
Psshhh, perverts. xDD LOL
The girls danced alright, there were mistakes, but meh, no need to make a fuss of it.

After that was their dinner.
They had a special table set up for them, where the food was already prepared on the table, unlike the course dishes everyone else was having.
I was to take care of the lot, because Lika had to go to her own table as well.
I sat next to Agnes, the tiny little chatterbox, so I could supervise her as I attempted (keyword) to eat, myself.

I wound up only having a small bowl of the fried rice with some fried sotong, because I had to help the girls most of the other time (help them take dishes, feed Agnes, help someone else take the food, etc).

The highlight was probably during the 'Yam Seng'.
Heck, our table was the noisiest. xD
Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs (me excluded, of course) before clicking their glasses together and taking a sip.
That went on for all 3 rounds of 'Yam Seng-ing'.
Needless to say, they had the other tables looking and smiling at their antics.
Much to the chagrin of an embarrassed Lika. xD

Oh, and did I mention, I saw Li Yean there as well. ^^

After everyone had had their fill, we just sat around and chit-chatted and joked about, in addition to taking turns to help bring the kids down when their parents arrived.
Also, Lika & I got 'blessed' with the remaining coloured paper sprinkles by Jo Yee.

Now, for the pictures (yes, again, too many to upload here; it'd probably kill Blogger's photo uploader for uploading more than 5 at a go), go to my Facebook album.
Sorry, you have to have an acc at FB to view it.

As for the video...~
Trusty ol' YouTube. xD

July 03, 2009

Thursday's Post.

I meant to post this yesterday (and process my press releases), but I got so exhausted I slept through it.
Yes, yet again, I fail. *0*

So here's the gist on what happened on Thursday:

I was supposed to pick Ashley up before I went to class in the evening.
No complains there, as long as I had my share of rest in the afternoon (to replace the energy lost in the morning) before going to class again in the evening.
But right before I was to leave the house, it began raining. Heavily.
Now make no mistake, I love the rain, but I was at a slight...-ah, inconvenience, seeing as how I was wearing my tights, and I wasn't even completely dry from my shower yet.
And I was gonna get wet again.

I wore my raincoat (that my grandfather gave me), and that shielded my top from the rain, but left my tights-cladded legs vulnerable.
Get this: I wore my leotards and tights as usual, the usual shorts, and just the raincoat. Nothing else.
As Lika out it, it was the first time she saw me wear something like that to class.
But for the first time in ballet, I was fucking freezing. (Forgive the profanity.)

So to warm myself up, I did a few warm ups when I had the studio to myself (when Lika sent Gino to the bus station), but just as I was starting to feel warm, Jovian came.

And... (things are about to get dramatic from this point)
We (as in everyone in the studio except Jovian) were 'blessed' with a stunning performance by a young piano prodigy.

I kid you not!
Alas, a performance not by Mozart, but Mozahrt.
Oh, the goosebumps. Oh the suspense!
I shall leave you with the footage of said prodigy playing her piece.

Don't kill me.

Well HAAYYY, have some humour, people! xD

Oh, and one more thing.
One of the many reasons I love my job:

I get to meet celebrities up close and personal.
In this case, Ning Baizura.

July 02, 2009

I Phail.. Tremendously.

I've got.. what, 6 reports to finish, and here I am, nicely posting in my blog.
I told myself I'd get it done tonight and hand it in tomorrow morning after class, but now I'm not so sure if I wanna go to the office or follow Lika out to pay (either hers or Gino's) bills.

Simon has been nice enough to me, to not put deadlines as to when to hand in my reports, and here I am lazing around.
I had.. 2 days to finish 2 of them, and 3 freaking days to do the other 4, but did I do even a scrap of it? Noooooo...

I honestly need a good slap for my laziness.. And a few whackings too, if I'm honest, for not appreciating my kind, though-sometimes-sarcastic boss, whom I should be eternally grateful to for putting up with me.
Argh. You 'Penyakit M', why must thou infest me.. >__>

But I love posting, so I'm gonna try to get this done as quick as I can, and then get to doing my overdued reports.
Or not.
Bah. \(>_<)/

Anyways today, for the first time, I experienced cramps in my thighs, due to not warming up before doing Fouettes and Rotations.

Right as we were about to start class, I received a message from Ashley asking me to fetch her when I'm free.
So I told Gino I'd be back ASAP, and went off to fetch Ashley and send her back home.
By the time I returned to the studio, Sharnita was there and Lika was doing Fouettes & Rotations.
The door to the studio was locked (for some reason), so I had to ask Lika to open it for me.
Happy at the distraction, she stopped dancing, and pranced over to the door to unlock it.
I hurriedly took off my clothes (note that I had my leotards on, you pervs), wore my shoes and went to the barre.
Gino decided to repeat Fouettes again, and so that's the exercise I started with.
No warm-up + Fouettes (working muscles required) = NOT GOOD.

I had to stop dancing and sit down for a good few minutes, it was so painful.
And I hated it.
I wasn't satisfied that I had to miss the beginning of the class, and to top it off, had a cramp which made me 'physically disabled' for a while, to which by then, it was time for the next class already.
But we did Grade 6 work today, so as 'to not make the students bored' from doing the syllabus work every week, or so Gino says.

I guess that sort of makes up for the lack of dancing I did during Advanced 1.
Sort of.

And then later on, I dunno if it's because Gino had his 'medicine', but he was kinda.. Perv-ish, cheeky and in a wholly good mood since Grade 3.
He said some things that will make Grade 1's Exercise For Feet With Rises branded permanently in my head, and then there's something Lika said that puts the combination of Battemend Lend and 'fast Plies' into something so.. disgusting that I'll never get the mental image off of my head. >.<

You know what?
I think I'd better get to doing my reports now.
Before I delay them further. Yikes. >_<