January 14, 2009


Nothing much happened today, really.
That is, of course, if you count Lika making animal sounds (mating animal sounds would be more appropriate, actually) anywhere near normal.
But of course, it never fails to make me (and the entire class) double up with laughter after I pointed out that she sounded like a mating monkey.

Only in Kuantan will you ever find ballerinas talking about animals doing the giggity giggity.
In class.

And Lika made up a song about our dear ol' 'best friend' too.
And it goes to the tune 'I'm A Little Teapot'.

Oh, and my toe hurts.
No idea why, we didn't exactly do a lot of work.
Maybe it was because we did a whole lotta turning (pirouettes and, in my case, many pose turns).
I swore the room was spinning when Gino finally let me stop.

Then after I got home, during dinner, my maid made this sound that sounded.. well, wrong.
A little random there, but yeah.

Must be mating season.

To end this entry, I'll leave you with a random video of Tze Ping playing Cannon in D (I think). Btw, it was the first time she saw that piece.