December 10, 2010

I ish Happy. ^^

Finally, after many failed plans to go to the studio, we (Aimi and I) were finally able to do so today.^^

When we arrived, however, we saw Chin Eng and the rest of the SRC members (and some other people too) in the studio. They weren't dancing; instead they were sitting in a circle, discussing something. We later found out that they were discussing about the Utar Ball for next semester. Anyways, since they were using the studio, I decided to join Aimi at the gym while waiting. So I used 2 machines... that left my leg shaking by the end of it. :P

After they left, I immediately charged into the studio (ok, maybe not quite.. =B ), and put the Dance Drama CD on while I warmed up. Aimi came in the studio soon after, and joined me dancing for a while. But mostly she just sat and recorded/took photos of me. =3

Our slot was supposed to be from 12.45-2.45, but we entered late (around 1.30), but thankfully, the caretakers of the gym wasn't there when out time was up, so we just stayed there and (in my case) continued dancing. We managed to sneak about 40 minutes in before we decided to leave, in case one of the caretakers came back and happened to check the register. ;D

Then later around 6pm, Aimi and I went to Westlake Gardens to jog.
Ok, so we didn't really jog.. More like brisk-walked. =p
But we met Max and Davin there, who were jogging past, and Davin waved and shouted out an "ANNYEONGHASEYO~!" as he jogged past. Lol. I find that so funny and cute. x]

So yeah, I feel great because I exercised, but on the other hand... The food we consumed later probably made our weight no more difference than it originally was. Eek. >_<