August 09, 2009

The Performance.

You know what, I think I take back what I said in this post.
Or just.. Next time we have a performance, I pray to Shisus (Yes, I'm a shipper. xD) that we bring the bigger girls, and minus Jing Faye.
The younger girls, being young, (a.k.a Luvena, Agnes, etc), were more than a handful.
And then there's Jing Faye. I think I'm seriously beginning to wanna lay my hand on her.
I get what Lika means when she says Jing Faye is disrespectful and stubborn now.
I mean, seriously.

What would a performance be without pictures? ^^
The following were taken while still in Lika's studio.
(A.K.A when Mission: Makeup and Hair was in progress. xD)

The 3 posers. Whip out a camera, and you get many poses from this trio.

... even when taking a picture of their hair. *A*

*Kabonks Gina*.
*Evil laughter*

The gang.

And then there's the pics from the hotel, which we didn't get to take as much, because it was so hectic the moment we stepped in Swiss Garden. >_>
Not helped by the fact that by the time we reached there and got ready for rehearsals, we were already beginning to sweat.
And there goes my curls. *Sigh*
There was also the fact that when Gina mentioned that we would be getting a hotel room to change and prepare in, we didn't know it meant 'tumpang-ing' someone's hotel room.
And when we allowed them to have a little snack before their performances, Jing Faye and Gina kinda messed the hotel room floor (and bed) with their biscuit crumbs and the glitter on their body (the glitter one was Agnes's work).
So I had to wipe them with a wet tissue and dispose it.

Then the 'tennant's' two young daughters fell asleep, and there was the challenge of staying quiet for the kids.
*Smacks forehead*
I swear I'm not gonna have that many little kids in the future.
They'd stress me out to the point of insanity.
Or worse.
Sooo... Pictures:

My curls were performing their dissapearing act as we speak..

I just.. dunno. Star-crossed lovers mebbe? xDD

Group shot after the 'sexy dance'.

And.. that's a wrap.
As usual, we (Lika and I) could rarely eat as we had to take care/feed the younger ones.
I only had a small bowl of soup and a few small slices of cake that Lika helped me get.

Oh, and also..
My Kpop obsession is getting to me, because I seem to see lookalikes everywhere.
First, Ee Loe which reminds me of Lee Seung Gi.
Then today, a new parent at Lika's studio looked like the girl version of Donghae. O.O
Whoa there.

EDIT: I haz uploaded teh vidz! (the vocabulary is intentional, I promise. xD)

Hawaiian Dance/Welcoming the Bride & Groom

Pussycat Dolls' Sway/'Sexy Dance'