January 23, 2011

What Else Could This Be About?

If you've been reading my blog, I will spare you the bore by even mentioning what I've been missing.
But yeah.

Yesterday, we (as in my house mates and I) were supposed to bath and go to McD for wifi, since our house is still depleted of internet (and Chua next door has been so nice to us to give us stuff and let us use his internet temporarily).
But then, Rachel and Shangaree got too caught up dancing to Indian songs that the plan was canceled in the end because it was too late already. LOL. Their dance was hilarious, and I would have posted it here, but they'd probably come after me with a parang and cincang me to make human curry.
So yeah.


January 09, 2011

Something We Dug Up

Sooooo... Dancing, crapping, and a whole lot of other things aside, there were a few of Mr Gino's old stuff from the studio that Lika dug up and showed me.

Most were his old dance Gazettes, such as this one...

This Dance Gazette goes as far back as 1983!

Most of it though, were his music sheets and booklets from the musicals he's done back in the days.

He looks so short in comparison to the other guys.. xD

I may not have known him as well as others have, but it sure doesn't stop me from feeling proud of my Ballet teacher. ^^

Heehee. =B

 Yup, that was how long ago it was... 

Aww, one of his friends even autographed his booklet!

I'm so proud of my teacher~ *sniff* lol.

Oklahoma. One of the plays he mentioned to us most. ^^

Yay Gino~!^^

After all that digging up and looking through Gino's old stuff, we started talking about him again over lunch, remembering when we just found out about his condition. I was in uni when she called, and it had only been the second month that I was away, which gave quite the blow. It just shows how much can happen within such a short period of time, and why we should live each day to the fullest.

Oh yeah, I never mentioned what one of the reasons were for me going to the studio that day: to ask Lika for help in choreographing this dance I had to choreo for the upcoming Dance Drama in uni.

And if you know the things Lika and I tend to come up with... well, you know you'd be in for at least a smile. =p