February 27, 2009

Well, guh.

I wanted to update yesterday.
Really, I did, but I was SO.DAMN.TIRED.
Because I rarely had time to rest today (or rarely had time to even register rest, whichever you prefer), mainly because of my morning class.

I'm so not a morning person.
Even more so when it's raining.
On days like these, heck, I won't even be an afternoon person.

Gino had some stomach ache that was really killing him (metaphorically, of course), so Lika and I (more so Lika) had to take over the other classes.

We didn't dance for our 5.30 class (how'd you guess? xD), instead Seow Hui, Lika and I sat around Gino's desk in the studio and munched on some tidbits while chatting.
And I wonder why I'm so fat. *Dies*

After that was Grade 4, Jovian, Megan, Chrystal,(I swear it's the correct spelling this time. Honest.) Qian Li & Sayaka's class.
Lika taught that for a while, then had to bring Gino to the pharmacist, so I had to take over the class.
And this is what happened.

Spot the odd one out. xD
Yup, Seow Hui joined the Grade 4 class.
(Background correction vocals by Lika. xD This was before Lika left, though.)

Everyone was laughing, and it didn't help that I encouraged more laughter too. xD
It was a fun class, mostly brought on by the fact that Gino wasn't here.
Just as they were about to start their Character though, Gino & Lika came back.
So Lika took over the class, and she was less playful than usual with their class.
Still, I asked her to help me record the reverance, and well, Guess who makes an appearence again. =.=
Just.. Ignore the last 6 secs of the video. Dx

But I guess the thing I look forward to most on Thursdays now are Grade 7.
Gino decided to teach the Intermediate girls Grade 7 as well, so those who can't seem to catch up on Intermediate will at least have Grade 7 to fall back to.

I love Grade 7. ^^
Slightly tiring, but still. ;D
Gino seemed well enough to teach Grade 7.
Or maybe it's because of a certain someone, whom he knows will create hell if he wasn't there to teach.
Just an assumption, though. =3

Oh, and something I found out today: Lika looks scary when she's trying not to combust. 0.0
Not gonna say more, but.. yeah.
She looked like she was gonna murder someone or something. *Gulps*

And for the first time, I taught Sharnita.
Random. Yeah.

February 22, 2009


I just saw this and I HAD to post about it somewhere.
To fangirl.


Holy mother of Ericsson-ness I think I'm in love. O.O
Just lookit the sleek design..
And, and.. You can mute the phone by sensor touch!
Sensor touch!!
And.. Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) that supports a maximum of.. 16GB~!


The only problem?
It's not on sale yet, and it'll probably cost more than my allowance & ang pao money put together. T___T

February 19, 2009

Why You're Only Seeing This Entry Today.

Two reasons why I'm posting both Wednesday & Thursday's events in one blogpost: Photobucket hates me at the moment.
I've been trying to upload the videos I took since Wednesday to Photobucket, but it always results in some error. And you know how cranky Blogger's video uploader can be sometimes.
At least to me, anyway. =.=

EDIT: I was FINALLY able to upload the videos!! I tried again and again and again (wait for it..) and again to upload these bloody videos for days. I swear I'm going so 미쳤어, it's not even funny. It even makes me mumble Korean. X.x *Flail*

Mr Gino was not here on Wednesday, so Lika & I (more so Lika, actually..) took the classes.
And oh, we probably cracked the already-old-and-worn out walls more than it already is, because we were laughing (wait; actually guffawing would be a more appropriate term) nearly the entire time.

No thanks to Lixian, who told us a Siti Nurhaliza joke and one involving.. uh, coke.
I shall say no more about that subject.
And of course, I took some videos of the Intermediate girls doing their work.
You can't really blame them for not really knowing their work; they are still sorta new in this Major Grade.
Then again, they were not really making an effort, were they? xD

I still can't believe they were looking forward to doing this exercise. I used to.. well, dislike it.
P/S: This is the only video I managed to upload to Photobucket.. The other three were failures.. =.=

Yup. They demoted themselves and did Running In A Circle. And they were having fun. xDD!

And then on Thursday, thankfully, we didn't have to stay and dance for night class.
Seriously, Sharnita is like our Fate-Decider or something..
She tells Gino when she can and cannot come for class, and our class is decided then (what time our class is). O.o

I stayed for Intermediate, because Gino was teaching them Grade 7 that day.
I love Grade 7, but it can be really tiresome for the muscles. Dx
But I still love it nevertheless. ^^
And I missed doing Grade 7, really, since I didn't do the exam when my other peers did.


Anyways, it was nice doing Grade 7 again, because it's practically an expressive syllabus.
And it was nice dancing now, since I admit that my expressiveness in my dance back then was close to nil. =.=
Besides, I miss doing Character and dances with scarves! T_T

But yeah, that was sorta it for Thursday, with the main highlight being Grade 7.
I still can't believe it actually took this long to get this simple post up.. Gahh. Dx

P/S: And yeah, I AM making random tags as I go. xD

February 13, 2009

Ouch. Again.

Does that expression ring a bell?
No bell?

Because that's what describes the feeling in my legs right now.
My calves are on the verge of cramping up, and the muscle on my right inner thigh feels painfully tight.
I can't even do a proper Grand Battemond. T_T

Anyhow, I guess that's what you get if you're not used to doing so much work, ne? *^^*

Oh, and yesterday, Chia Hern came up with a new name for Lika: Buffonkey. Buffalo + Donkey = Buffonkey. Yeah, ignore the lame result of the combination of the two.
It was hilarious though.
At least to us. xp

On a lighter note though, I managed to complete all the turns in Fouette Ronds De Jambe En Tournant! Yay! *claps* ^^
Of course, I still have to work on the technique though..

Oh, and a little video of the not-so-new-but-still-new Intermediate girls dancing.
They can't remember their Port De Bras, and Gino was busy packing, so I'll leave you to see what comes out of it.

February 06, 2009

Thursday is over.. phew!

Seriously though.
9.30 - Class.
3.30 - Class.
5.30 - Class.

Three classes in a day.
Thankfully I don't really feel the pain today, but I can tell you that my legs were 'vibrating', as I'd like to call it; yesterday after doing barre work 3 times in a row.
I couldn't even do developpes properly. =.=

Then I stayed until nearly 8.30pm to 1) company Lika, 2) sort of help to teach, and 3) because I don't have anything better to do when I get home anyways.
Besides, I love spending time with my girls. ^^