May 19, 2010

Whoa, now.

So after a few days of lazing at home and being a real pig (seriously, I had expected to go out often as I hadn't had the chance to hang out much when I was back for study week), I finally got my ass out of the house, and went to Lika's studio.
I was supposed to go swimming with Ann this afternoon, but it got canceled. Plus, Lika suggested I help Seow Hui with choreographing the dance for the student's Bridal Fair performance. I warned her that I was horrible at choreographing. She of all people should know that. Photobucket
I also found out that Lika no longer used Gino's studio, mainly due to the loud construction noises. And really, I don't blame her. Try doing pirouettes or poses with the drilling sounds. Photobucket

During Lika's pre-primary class, whom are learning the new syllabus, an adorable 4-year old started doing a little of the Sorry Sorry dance. xD Yes, call me stupid, but I hadn't managed to get a picture of her.Photobucket But I will the next time I see her. (They call her Tong Tong. )Photobucket

But that isn't the main reason of my entry.
The last class of the day was Grade 2, and as they were dancing, a girl turned up with her mother. I soon learnt that she was from Shu Cia, and that she came here due to.. personal preference. The girl, whose name was Celine, was reluctant to join the class. I don't blame her, being the only new girl and all. I would probably do the same when I was her age.
Her mother kept urging her to join the class; Lika wanted to see how much she knew in order to determine what grade she would be suitable in. From egging her on, her mother began scolding her, in front of everyone. Celine started crying, and right then, I felt a little sorry for her. I thought, don't scold her la, let her slowly warm up and join the class on her own.
After a final threat from her mother to beat her, Celine got up and joined the rest, angry and not quite in the mood to dance. She did everything half-heartedly, and would isolate herself whenever Lika or Seow Hui asked them to gather near them.
Now, before you start feeling sorry for little Celine, read on what I have to say.
When we talked to her, coaxing her to join and talk with the other girls, she rarely looked up at us, and when she did, she would 'jeling' at us. I was patient. We all were; Seow Hui, Lika and me. We thought that she was still angry with her mother for forcing her to dance. Then after class, Lika spoke with her mother while Seow Hui and I danced a little of Intermediate. Celine just sat and listened to the conversation between Lika and her mother.
After Celine had 'warmed up', I presume, she began scolding her mother whenever her mother said something to Lika that was 'wrong', in her opinion. She was so disrespectful to her  mother, I felt like giving her a reality check. Even when Lika asked them to change to their character shoes, Lika had asked Celine if the shoe was hers, and her mother said yes. Celine then shouted at her mother, "IT'S JIE JIE'S ONE LA!"
Seriously, the ungrateful child. And her mother was very lenient with her, not even scolding her once for raising her voice at her own mother. Whatever pity I felt for Celine before had gone; washed down the drain into the sewage tank. Seriously, if I was her mother, I'd give her a good smacking until she did quadruple pirouettes until got hole on the floor and fell through it. HONESTLY, the nerve of her! Completely no respect at all. Photobucket She seems to think that she deserves respect from anyone. She's 10 years old, for crying out loud.
Even more of a shock was when I found out that she was Carmen's younger sister. CARMEN's sister?? Carmen, the one in En Yi's class, the one who Lika praised as willing to listen and actually worked hard to improve?
Whoaa. Photobucket She could not have been more of an opposite of her sister.
Celine had better be thankful I'm not teaching her. I'm jokative and rather lenient in the classes I teach, because most of the time, I believe that students will be more prone to improving if you tell it to them nicely and encourage their improvement. Of course, I'll be stern if they get too playful or mischievous.
But if anyone came close to disrespecting anyone; even their own classmates, they will know that I would not be happy about it. Not happy at all. *dramatic nod*
But I can be very fierce if I have to. Celine will probably get the shouting of a lifetime from me, and if I'm pissed enough, drag her out of class with her things.
I'm not usually this mean, really, but if there's one thing I absolutely can't tolerate, it's lack of respect. And I mean respect to EVERYONE, not just people older than you. And I don't mean as in you have to be formally polite with your friends or until you don't stand up for yourself la. Durr.

Treat others like how you want to be treated.
And someone here needs to be brought back down to earth from her high horse.