December 18, 2008

And today..

I'll be honest, nothing much happened today.
Just the usual jokings and whatnot.

But I came today to see Lika's friend, TimTam-Something (it's a Thailannese name, I can't remember!) playing the piano while Misaki danced. And she played for Jovian, Crystal (yes, I've misspelled her name all this while. Don't expect me to go back all the entries and correct it though. I'm too lazy to) and Sayaka's class too.

Oh, and turns out Lydia knows Burney too.
*Smacks forehead* How could she not? Her cousin is Melody after all..

Anyways, on to the videos..

Pivot Turns. Oh how I used to suck at it.. *shudders*
On the other hand, Jovian's "Eurgh!" at the end was just.. xDD!!

Sorry it's to the side.. Uh.. My bad. =p

I like Grade 4's Reverance. ^^

Because of The Last Post..

Because the last post made me think back and reminisce about the past, when me and my girls had to go to Taipan, KL, for Grade 8.
That was probably my first and last exam I'll take it in KL. *sniff*
I've just been taking classes since my group all left for their studies.

So I decided to make a tribute post of the videos I had taken during that time.
And also throw in whatever ballet videos that have impressed me.
So yeah, I guess you could say that this is a video post.

I'll explain about the videos as I go along.
Oh, and forgive the bad quality of the video, I recorded it on some cheap 'Bonuslink exchanged' camcorder..

1. The first one is before the exam, there was another class (can't remember what grade) that were having their exam before us (which would explain the out-of-place looking girl in red leotard and character skirt somewhere along the video), and after that would be the luch break. So this was what we did.

2. My parents were there with me for the exam. And due to anxiety, none of us had eaten/wanted to eat before our exam for fear that we couldn't dance properly. My mother though, would have none of that, saying that we'd better at least have something light before dancing. So she had my dad go down to buy a bun and a bottle of juice for everyone.
(The studio was upstairs, and downstairs of the studio was Taipan, and it had all kinds of foodstores and whatnot.)

3. Then just before their exam, Alithea decided to do a (really) short 'interview' of Terina.

In case you couldn't catch what she was saying, here's the caption:
Alithea: Ok Terina, how are you feeling right now?
Terina: I'm feeling very fine.. *bursts out laughing*
Alithea: Oh really?

4. And the last one: During the exam, Alithea was dancing in the exam room, Terina & Naomi were talking to each other, and Brenda was fumbling in her bag before fishing out her digital cam and doing something to it. Oh, and Gino makes an appearance. ^^

And then there was a video tribute that I made, consisting of all the videos you saw, plus some pictures I took that day.
In case you don't want to see a repeat of the videos (and to save space), I'll post the link to the video instead, so you can go see it only if you want to. =3

Ballet Memories

And then there's this video, also a flashback one, that I find carries somewhat the same message that I was trying to convey in my tribute (if not better):

It's so nice to travel with your friends ne?

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

That girl is in Grade 5.
And look at her developpe and technique! O.O
She's GOOD. Sort of embarassing really, for someone like me.. T__T

You know what? I think I'll stop here.. Before I eat everyone's bandwidth.. =3

Gino Is Not Here This Week And..

Hmm.. Let's see.. Apart from Lika's usual boob-grabbing on everyone (and a close attempt on me, wtf),  yesterday was.. slightly boring.

Lika also showed me Fouettes Ronds De Jambe En Tournant, which she learnt from Youtube. And well, let's just say that at least we didn't have to do triple pirouettes in one go.
I haven't exactly tried it out yet, partly because practially the entire Intermediate class were watching as Lika gave me a short demo on how it was.

That, and at home, I would've swept a lot of things off tables and such if I were to try that in my room.

But I think Lika was talking about this video though:

P/S: LOL at the girl in the back, waving and all. xDD!

If she was, then.. Well.. I guess I have to work hard. Very hard.
Wai does my work have to be so weak? T___T (Especially pirouettes & pointe work??)

And while I was browsing Youtube for RAD videos, Guess what I found?

F.A.B! Intermediate girls and Lixian, you should know this! ^^

Ah.. I still remember this post on F.A.B.. ^^

Anyways, back to yesterday's events.

We were both looking at the syllabus book after finding out about the Fouette, and there was an exercise called Chaines (sha-nay), but we didn't know how to do that.
So Lika made up her own syllabus.
And it involved swinging invisible 'chains' first from your right hand, then left, then both, and continued by swinging 'chains' from other parts of your body.
Of course, we (I) didn't act out the 'other parts'.
I'll leave that for you to imagine.

We even put on the music, got ready our invisible chains, and began 'swinging' them in time to the music.
By the time we finished swinging the two 'chains' at once, we were too doubled up laughing to continue.
Too bad we didn't get a video of that. Or not.

I didn't get to take much videos & pics, and even those I took were mostly everyone fooling around.
And attempting to do pointe work. xD

Don't ask. I dunno what she was trying to imply either. xD

Tze Ping modelling Lika's bag.

Um.. Couru anyone? =p

Chia Hern mimicking Seow Hui's Couru. xD

Hah! Didn't think I'd leave this out didja? xD

Apparently, Jermaine found Lika hilarious. xD

Jocelyn & Jermaine. Loving sisters y/y? xD

And now to the videos! ^^

Now how can I get an arch like Tze Ping's? *___*

P/S: No idea why Chia Hern was smilling throughout the entire video. xD

Aaaannndddd... Lika makes an appearence!

And of course, the goofy-ness that is our senior students. xD

December 16, 2008

Just A Short Post..

To say that Gino will not be here this week! ^^

Which also means that I would not have to worry about going to KL and having to miss classes on Thursday. xD

I know, I know.. I'm evil. But I don't mind dancing on Wenesday, it's just the morning class on Thursdays that are a bummer.

Especially if it happens to be a monsoon weather.
I wanna sleeeppppp.. ZZZzzzzzz

December 11, 2008


I had to go early today to open the gates in case Sayaka & Misaki came, because Lika had to go to the bank.
Not too long after I arrived, Misaki came, then Lika.

As Misaki's class started, I managed to secretly (yes, so sue me) capture a few videos of her dancing, because well, she's too cute not to.

Oh, and sorry about the head being cut off. I did say secretly. xD

Later after Misaki's class, Sayaka danced for about half an hour before Krystal came, then Lika said to wait for the rest of  the Grade 4 girls to come, then she (Sayaka) would dance together with them.
Krystal did a bit of barre work by herself, but ended up hanging out with us for most of the time.
Then Sayaka began telling/asking us jokes/riddles. (She told us how she liked jokes and riddles earlier on.)

By the way, for those who don't know, Misaki is 6 years old and Sayaka is 8. And they've only been with us for about 3-4 months at most, not knowing a single thing seeing as they just finished their exams when they came here.

Now about 3 months later, Misaki knows her entire Grade 2 syllabus, whereas Sayaka knows about  90% of her Grade 4. ^^

Now why can't ALL our students be like that? =.=

Then after that were the Intermediate students, who didn't dance but rather chit chatted with us. xp
We were supposed to be able to go back after that, but Lika's Grade 3 students were coming. I lingered for a while after Intermediate, but I didn't stay until Grade 3 was over. ;)

So yeah.

I got more videos from today, but it was not really as eventful as the previous week.

Of 'Horniness' and 'Best Friends'

On Wednesdays, as usual, my class would be at 5pm, after Sayaka's class.
I had just finished my bath when I received an sms from Lika asking me to bring an extra 'crunchy'. Took me a while to register what she meant in my head. =3 (Crunchy=Lika's version of scrunchie. And she's.. 24 years old? Hard to believe, I know. *ducks the Boob-Grabber's flailing arms* xD)
To be precise, her exact message went like so:

"Haha.. Faster come ya. I'm lonely.. Horny.."

Yup, She actually said that.
And since then, she's been spreading the 'virus' to anyone who came within 1m of her. First to me, then me spreading it to the rest. xD
Seow Hui.. Ah.. She was 'uneffected'.
At least until her group of Intermediate girls came (Lixian included), then all hell broke loose.

Because like everyone who's ever seen these group of girls know, it doesn't take much for them to get guffawing like men in their favourite pub, having a 'Happy Hour'.
So anyways, Lika's pianist friend came to see Gino about playing for the exam thingy. And Gino had told us all to go outside, maybe so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable discussing money matters with Gino, and private matters, I'm guessing.
So with us 'shooed' by Gino, we began chatting outside.
Lika was with us for a while, before Gino called her in to help.
But that little while was enough to spread that deadly virus of hers, that we all called 'horniness'.

Soon we were cracking up (loudly, I might add), and the topic came to a person we all deemed our 'best friend'.
No names will be mentioned (dangerously and rightfully so), but we all shared the same opinions about that person.
And what a good time we had.

Even representative Lika had to pop her head out from the studio and tell us to shut up or Gino would bite our heads off.
Well, not literally, but you get the picture.

I also invited the lot of them to my prom, with every intention of bringing the house (or rather, ballroom,) down together.
Only Lika has confirmed, the rest are not sure. I hope they'll give me their answers by today.

Later, I'll have to accompany Lika again, like last Thursday, and I'll be sure to get more videos and silly antics again. xD

December 06, 2008

Some Videos This Time. ^^

I planned to write this earlier, but.. *shakes fist at college projects*
That, and Blogger's video uploader hates me. =(

So yeah. I'm writing Thursday's events today.

EDIT: I was finally able to get those videos up! Using the photobucket uploader. =3

On Wednesday shortly after we found out that Gino was going to back to KL the same night, Lika threatened asked me to company her on Thursday because it'd be boring to teach alone, with only the little devils as your company.

Oh don't I know it. >0<

So anyways, on Thursday I went to the studio at about 4.30pm, and it so happens that I brought my digital camera with me.

(Honestly, I'm beginning to bring my cam with me wherever I go these days.. =.=")
Understandable, I think, since I love to preserve memories. ^^

First up was Misaki's class, and we've probably mentioned it for the millionth time, but I want to clone that girl. =3
After that was her onee-san Sayaka's class.
It started with Sayaka alone, then Jovian's group gradually came. That's when the fun started.

About nearly 3/4 into the class, I whipped out my camera and began recording some stuff.

The result? The videos you are about to see at the bottom. xD

Btw, ignore my annoying voice that pops up every now & then. =.="

From the back l-r: Krystal (a.k.a MiniMe. xD), Sayaka, Megan, Jovian.

Doing Grade 4's Dance.

Exercise For Relaxation..


Then there was the Intermediate class. I didn't get to take much videos, because they didn't dance much anyways.

Chia Hern & Tze Ping doing Pose Pirouettes.. In duet. Their own syllabus. Yeah. xD

Wow, I'm finally done! *throws confetti and dances* ^^

November 27, 2008

My First Fangirly Post Here. HOMG.

Ok, first of all, on Monday (or was it technically Tuesday, since it was past midnight?) Li Xian a.k.a Jocelyn called me up and to invite me to watch Twilight on Thursday.
She's already told me before that we should go see it together on the first day, so I wasn't surprised.

Oh, and she was practically bouncing in the ballet studio on Wednesday. No kidding.
If life was a cartoon, she'd have all those squiggly little excited marks above her head.

I admit, I was rather reluctant at first, because watching the movie at 1.05pm would mean I had to rush back once it's over to get ready for class at 3.45pm.
But then Li Xian told me that Lika would be coming, so I thought 'Hey, at least I won't be the only one late'.
So I agreed.
Besides, going out with my girls would be nice.

I had a little idea what the movie was about from the amount of fangirling and pics that Li Xian had done in her blog, but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, had prepared me for what was to come.

IT WAS SUPER.FRICKIN.AWESOME. *squee*squee* *flail*flail* >0<
It's almost a crime.
How can one movie possibly have so many gorgeous guys acting in it??!

I sort of expected it to be the usual 'girl falls in love with vampire, vampy turns her into a she-vampy out of love (though refusing to at first)', and they both live happily ever after in their blood-sucking immortal lives.
After going through some obstacles, of course.

But really, I think the entire cinema fell under Edward's spell, because it was filled with murmurs the moment the Cullens entered the school cafeteria.

Words cannot possibly express my fangirly joy at the moment.
And HOMG, who knew vampires (or the 'Cold Ones') were so goddamn romantic?

"You are my life now.."
"You're like my very own brand of cocaine."


*meltsmelts drooldrool* =Q________
Those quotes don't even come anywhere near to describing just how romantic it sounded coming from Rob.

Guuuhhhh now why can't I get a bloody boyfriend like that??!! ;___;
If dating a vampire is what it takes, hell, I'm gonna be on the next flight to Translvannia (or Fork. xDD )

Honestly, Li Xian can even be forgiven for her squeeings and fangirlings in the cinema.
I think I would be doing the same if I watched it again. =3

Lika & I were practically gushing in the car (I had to send her home), resulting in me making two wrong turns when sending her home. =.="
And here I am in my room, almost wishing that Edward would burst in through my window.

I think I'm falling for Rob.
No, wait.. It might just be Edward Cullen.
Or not.

LI XIAN~!!!! You evil Twilight-Converter! *_____*

Now I'm planning to buy the book.
When I do have the money.

All I can say is, Stephanie Meyers, look forward to being RM 33 richer.

P/S: Yes, this counts as a dance entry, because I went with my ballet girlfriends.
Yes, it counts. Shutup. =3

November 18, 2008

Of Cute Ballerinas And Photo-Taking.

Last Saturday, I went over to Lika's studio (Carol Dance & Music Academy) to take some photos for the article that she wanted me to write.

I hadn't been there in quite a while.
Not since I stopped teaching for her there.
Without notice, actually.
Oops. Sorry Lika.. >____>
So I went there, and saw some familiar faces, and other new ones.
But we warmed up to each other soon enough.
And they were all really adorable, by the way.

So as the Pre-Primary class started, I began snapping.
And I got some nice pictures too. ^^
The kids were really nice to snap pics of. =)
On to the Pre-Primary Pic spammage:

*pokes Lika in the background* xD

Done. =3

So after that, we had Primary next.
Suzanne's class.
Their class was a little harder to get good pics of, because the exercises were not as expressive.

Picspam of the pics I managed to take:

Now on to the group pictures, the ones I'm most proud of. ^^

The little girl here is Iris. Probably the most adorable one in class. ^^ Ignore me. =.=

One of my favourites. ^^ Just because it's a candid shot, but it turned out really well. =)

When mini ballerinas attack. O.o xDDD!

That would be Yi Sing, Iris & me. Iris is such a camwhore. ^^ Whip out a camera, and she goes into posing mode. ;D

Whoops.. Now how did that get in here? *grins* xD Don't kill me bb. ♥♥

Suzanne & her sister, Iris.

The madwoman (I mean, teacher..) and her students. xD

I love this too. For some reason I love nice candid shots.. ^^

Iris & Yi Sing.

The ballet family(well, almost..)! l-r: Iris, me, Lika, Irene.

Well that's it for now.. ^^

And my first picspam. Woot.

November 13, 2008

Flashback of Ballet Concert 2008

So last Sunday I had to cover this Kesenian event at Taman Budaya.
Even as I drove up to the entrance, memories of the concert I had months ago came back to me.
As I entered the doors of Taman Budaya, it was as if a movie was being played in front of me.

This was where all of us stood, getting our last minute makeup on and waiting for more students to arrive.
Up there in the toilet was where Jovy and I put on our makeup, joined by Seow Hui, Chien Yi and the rest later on.

Then as I entered the hall, I looked around.
It looked different, yet so similar.

These were the chairs in which Lika had ordered the Hawaiian girls to sit quietly (to not much avail, of course..) while she went over who was yet to come.
Behind the VIP seats were where Lika, Chia Hern and I put on the remaining of our makeups on the 2nd day of concert.
It was also the same place and day that Chia Hern went into a hairspraying frenzy on my hair.

A lady had brought me in the hall, and said that my seat was in the front row, on the right side of the hall.
The same place where Mum, Dad and the rest sat when they watched the performance.

I looked at the stage in front.
The curtains were drawn, and just 8 months ago, it was us who were backstage, getting all fidgety and peeking behind the curtains to see how big the crowd was.

8 Months ago, that stage was ours.

It was there that we had our rehearsals, that very stage we tired ourselves out practising Mazurka De Salon.
It was because we were here that we had to go back at 11pm after the 3rd day of rehearsals.

I had to admit I felt a little overwhelmed at all these memories.
The places, it seemed like it was just yesterday that we were here, with everyone.
It seemed only days ago that I was less than 5 minutes late for the first day of rehearsals, and got repriminded by Gino.

It was 8 months ago that we took to the stage, giving our all for the 2-day performance.
8 Whole months since we were on that stage in front of me right now.
8 Months ago that I was doing the thing I had felt so passionately about all this years:


And I had the time of my life.

10 years ago, I was rather too young, maybe, to appreciate it.
But it did, however, leave a lasting impression on me that has stuck until today.

There is no better thrill that gets my heart pumping like performing.
Or to be exact, dancing.

Of course, given the opportunity, I would love to try something other than Ballet.
Modern, perhaps. Or Lyrical.
But given the circumstances (that there are not many dance classes here in Kuantan), I'm quite contented to sticking with Ballet at the moment.

Though I admit that I hadn't had this thought until later on in my life, I am now positive that it's all I ever want to do in life.
I live to dance.
It has become part of me, a part of who I am.
And it's something that I don't think will ever change.

November 08, 2008

This Actually Happened 2 days ago..

It's nothing, really.
Just that now, even Sayaka calls me 'oba-san'.
I was sitting on the floor near the barre, facing Lika and talking to her, when Sayaka said ever so politely, "Excuse me.. Oba-san?"

We had a good laugh when I complained to Lika though.
Even Sayaka burst out laughing.
But still.
Thanks a lot, Gino.. xp

November 07, 2008

Concert! Day 2

Actual date: 30th March 2008
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Thus arrives the final day of our concert.
I had to fetch Chia Hern (Ok, technically it was Dad who fetched her) again, and when we got there, the Haiwaiian girls were sitting on the audience chairs again like yesterday.
(Of course, the audience hadn't began to fill in yet, after all, we were told to come about 2 hours before the performance to get ready and stuff.)

Then we (Chia Hern, Lika & I) put our stuff on the chairs behind the VIP seats (for the time being).
Then we began chatting and putting on makeup (Chia Hern hadn't put on her makeup yet, and I didn't put on my lipstick).
We were later joined by Chien Yi, and then we got to taking pictures, because we hadn't managed to to take any pics the day before.
Oh, and Chia Hern went on a hairspray frenzy (literally, the can of hair spray, not the musical Hairspray).
On me. >__>
I swear that girl gets hyper at the weirdest moments. xDD

Before the hairspray incident.

I admit I sort of dreaded to handle all the girls of Premier Dance Academy by ourselves, but thankfully, they turned out to be better behaved than we give them credit for.
We were given water and bread again, this time the cream bun kind.
I didn't take one as I had something light to eat beforehand (and by that I mean 4 slices of bread. =.=), but which I am now regretting as I write.
(A/N: Remember that all these events happened on the date above, not the date I'm posting this.)

When the orchestra started off the first agenda, I literally had no mood to dance (due to certain reasons).
I felt like going home and just sleep instead.
But as our first dance Dramatique drew nearer, I found myself getting nervous.
And rightfully so.

  • While dancing, my scarf got caught in my hair bun for a while when I was supposed to flip it.

  • A bit of Chia Hern's skirt got hitched up as she stretched her arms to lift her scarf up.

  • Jovy almost went in the opposite direction when we were 'running'.

Wow. That's a glitch for each one of us.
Maybe Lady Luck got tired of us and went on a vacation.
Yeah, that might be it.

Oh, and did I mention that today was our turn to have the air cond on on our side of the room? ^^
It was Shu Cia's side of the backstage room that had no air cond this time. xD

Just before the orchestra that was meant to be played before Krakoviak, we had this certificate presentation ceremony for all exam girls of 2007.
Nothing worth mentioning there.

All in all, although the changing rooms were not as crowded nor as sour-smelling as yesterday, I have to say that I preferred the atmosphere better yesterday.
And it also took less time for the girls to clear out of the room after everything was done.

Oh, and judging by the kind of 'cream bread' that was given today, yesterday's sandwhiches were better too. =3

So after the concert, Mum went backstage to congratulate me and inform me of what was the plan.
Then Hong Wen came too, and waited for me to pack up so he could send me home, as Dad's car had no more room to fit me and my bags.
We (Hong Wen & my family) ended up in the Cendol shop, to 'indulge' in the hot weather.
And I took 2 bowls of cendol. =3


Guess who's craving for cendol now?

Concert! Day 1

Actual date: 29th March 2008
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Well, here it is.. Concert day #1.
I did my hair and makeup (ok, Ashley did my hair..) at home, then went to Taman Budaya.
I put my things in the room backstage, then went to go help Lika in organizing the younger students.
They were, to say the least, a big bunch of noise, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that they weren't too stubborn to begin with, and complied when we asked them to keep quiet (even if for a while), unlike that other group who sent us death glares when we told them nicely not to be so noisy.

The concert did not start at 8pm sharp (call it Malaysian time, if you will).
Instead, it started about 8.10pm.
Oh, and we got sandwhiches earlier on, too.
There were 2 boxes of sandwhiches (1 box sardine, 1 box turkey ham.. I think), 1 box of bananas and 12-3 boxes of mineral water.
I didn't eat my sandwhich until probably the 2nd half of the itenary.
Was busy helping in getting the students to follow orders.
Which was a challenge on its own. >___>

And since the younger girls were told to stay in the room backstage if it wasn't their time to go up on stage, it was pretty crowded when we went to go change for Mazurka & Valse.
And what's a concert without mishaps?
Someone spilt drinks on the floor, making most part of the room wet.
Which makes it even harder to change without getting our leotards dirty.
Thankfully, it sort of dried off when we went to change for Valse.
Stains on white would look very unpleasant, thank you very much.

I managed to exchange a few words with Ee Loe as well. (Btw did I mention that the last bit for Mazurka was played a tad too fast?)
And for Jovianne's group's chinese dance, LiXian and I had to help put the firecrackers at the front of the stage.

After the finale bow, the VIPs (who, up till now I have no idea what their names are, =3) went up to the stage and took photos with the group.
I heard that it might come out in the papers, though I didn't check.

Anyways.. By the end of it, I was pretty much damp with sweat.
I went home, had a hurried shower, changed, then went with Lika and Gino for supper.
Gino would also be going back to KL that night, which means that Lika and I are left to take care of the kids all by ourselves the next day.

2008 Ballet Concert Rehearsal

Actual date: 28th March 2008
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

10 years ago, I had my first ballet concert at Taman Budaya.
I enjoyed it very much, and was anticipating the next concert to come.
I guess you could say that it was after that day that I found my passion for performing.

But 'next time' never came.
5 years passed, and still no event of any sort.
7 years came and went, still nothing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that well, finally, the time has come.
10 years into my first ballet concert, we are finally going to do another.
And again, it would be with Khoo Academy.
*Insert silent squee here*

I was 10 years old when I participated in that concert 10 years ago, and I'm 20 now.
I feel old. >__>

The concert will be held for 2 days, March 29th and 30th.
And I'll be doing 3 dances.

Anyways, on to the rehearsal..

You know when you've had one of those really long days that all you wanna do when you get back is have your dinner, shower, and go straight to bed?
Well, it's one of those days for me.
And what a day it was! *phew*

It was the day before the Saturday performance, and we're having a full dress rehearsal, complete with makeup, but minus the wardrobe change.
As was usual, we practised first without the orchestra (they would be coming later).
We had to be there from 6pm-Godknowswhattime.
The first practise last week ended up finishing an hour late.

One thing I learnt today though, is that when you're tired, sleepy, and hungry all at the same time, God seems to have a sense of humour.

When the orchestra arrived, Mr Khoo suggested that we go through the program accordingly (not that it's bad, though).
So, we did.
Then came Mazurka De Salon.
As the lights dimmed, we went on stage and got in our positions.
Then, the pianist started playing.
And the music was probably 2 times faster.
(I don't blame her though, it's only her 2nd time playing the piece.)

As our dance finished, we went backstage, panting, only to have Mr Gino call us out to do it again again.
Only this time, he stood next to the pianist to guide her through the tempo.
Yes, we were tired the 2nd time around.
Yes, we were sweating and panting (if not more than before).
What did I tell you? God has a huge sense of humour. =3
(With all due respect, I meant that as a joke. In case you didn't get it.)

Finally, we rehearsed our finale (no pun intended, lol) and by the time everything was over, it was close to 11pm.
Wow, now where did the time go? *sarcasm*sarcasm* Lol.

I was so hungry that dinner (grandma's roasted honey chicken) tasted exceptionally good.
Of course, not that it wasn't before. Just.. Extra good. xD
After dinner, I was stuffed.
And I practically hibernated on the downstairs couch for a little over half an hour.

Beauty & The Beast Musical

Actual date: 30th June 2008
Performance date: 29th June 2008
Taken from my Livejournal.

EDIT: I added the pictures! ^^

I actually wrote the first part of this entry on the night I came back itself, but then I fell asleep on the entry. Yeah, tired much? *^-^*
So, I had to rewrite the entry which, thankfully, wasn't much because it was mostly crappily written anyway, and only a few lines which were very poorly put together.
(And no, my use of bad english is not part of my exhaustion. Blame it on Lika.)
So here's my rewritten, and hopefully better version of yesterday's escapades:

Our bus was to leave the station at 9am, and Lika was holding the bus tickets.
I arrived a little later than I normally do whenever I was going to KL, and that was around.. 8.45am or something, I think..
I smsed Lika to ask where she was, but no reply. Dad offered me his phone to call her, so I did.
Several times.
But she didn't pick up her phone.
Finally, I just decided to go wait at the platform she mentioned earlier. (Platform 5)
There, I tried calling her several times (again), and after what seemed like the umpteenth time, she finally answered with a hurried "Yeah yeah, I'm on the way..!"
So I waited.
And waited.
When did she arrive?
At least about 9:01am.
Thankfully, I had told the bus driver to wait a while for a friend.
Otherwise, I think they'd have left us. Phew.
I saw Lika running towards the bus, bus ticket in hand.
She huffed, then muttered a sheepish apology to the bus driver (who just smiled) and handed our tickets.

Lesson of the day?
Never let Lika hold the bus tickets again.

So anyways, we got on the bus and headed off to KL.
The usual happened, listening to out iPods (or in Lika's case, her PodPod), chatting, and attempting to sleep. Nothing worth mentioning, yeah.

When we arrived at KL, we made our way to the LRT station to go to KLCC, which sees us having to change LRT stations to get there.
It was also then that I found out my so-called Touch N Go card doesn't work.
Wtf. =.="
So anyways.. We made our way to KLCC and got there at about 1 something (which by then had me pretty much sweating already).
Our original plan (and thought) was to get to the main entrance of KLCC (according to the message mum sent me), get our Beauty & The Bitch (as Lika put it,) tickets and have lunch. But I later reread the message to find that it said 'Main entrance of the KLCC Convention Centre'; not KLCC main entrance, as we thought, after failing to spot the ticket booth at KLCC's entrances.
Yes, we're dumb.
So instead, we had lunch, walked around a bit in attempt to find Dona a birthday present, and then went to KLCC's Convention Centre to collect the tickets.
We asked around as to where to get it, then went to a little reception kinda booth and collected the tickets.
After that, we loitered around the foyer for a bit (seeing as it was almost time for the show anyway), looking at the souviniers on display.
A certain key chain cought my attention, as it could open up and in my opinion, double as a locket.

We told the guy there that we'd come back after the show to continue looking around.
All in all, our seat this time was fairly closer to the stage than the previous musicals that we attended (My Fair Lady & Chicago), but I still wore my glasses for a clearer view. ;)

It was, by far I think, the best musical out of the two I've seen in the past.
Although I didn't really fancy Beauty & The Beast, this musical performance amazed me.
There were several touching parts that almost brought me to tears (ALMOST!), and it was much funnier than the cartoon (Lumiere & the Beast).
One of my favourite lines:

Lumiere (to the Beast): "Say something about her dress! (reffering to Belle's dress)"
Beast (to Belle): "It's red."

After the show we went back to the foyer, and in the end I bought the program book and my favourite keychain-cum-locket. *beams*

Lika got herself the charm bracelet.
Upon entering KLCC again, I met Uncle Kenneth. We talked for a while before taking off.
Then Lika & I took off to Kinokuniya to browse books, and went our seperate ways, promising to meet at the shop entrance later.
Surrounded by books, we ended our little shopping spree a little behind schedule.
I didn't even get to see the Entertainment section of Kinokuniya! T__T *sobs*
All the while, I kept my eyes on the lookout for books/magazines on DBSK (they have a rather big section of Japanese mags & books! ), before realising (very) later on that DBSK was mainly a Korean band, although they do understand/speak and sing in Japanese.
Slow much? Wth. =.="
I ended up only buying an English Bleach manga.
So with that, we went to Genki for dinner, only to see that it's been replaced by a Sakae Sushi.
As we didn't have much time on our hands, I only ordered fresh Salmon with rice (forgot the exact name), though I wanted to try the Gyoza (*cough*Arashi*cough*).
After that we managed to make our way to and change LRT stations without hassel.
The hassel, however, came when we had to walk to Puduraya from the LRT station from Pasar Seni.
It was drizzling then, and we had to walk all the way there (about 20 mins walk), asking for directions on the way.
And let me tell you that sweat and rain don't go well together.
We weren't soaked when we reached Pudu, but we were damp.
Let's just say I was glad when we were abroad the bus.
However, I couldn't rejoice 100%, as the bus was not a very new one and I saw a baby cocroach (and 2 other little baby cocroaches I think, which I killed.) lingering on the wall near my seat.

Lika and I slept through most of the journey back, we were tired (and Lika exhausted).
Oh, and another teeny weeny problem?
The bus was too.friggin.cold! (the cockroach probably froze to death over this time period).
They had those air conds where you couldn't shut them, cause they had air cond coming out of both ways.
I swore everyone was silently freezing to death, until a guy went up to the bus driver during the break and must've told him to turn off the air conditioning.

Lesson 2: Bring a bigger, warmer jacket next time.

It felt good to finally be back at Kuantan again, and on the way back home I got dad to stop by at McDonalds and get me 20-piece chicken nuggets. ^-^

Aah.. That was a long day, was it not?
Nice, but a long and tiring day nonetheless.
Feels so good to be able to sleep properly (not to mention cleanly!) in my own bed.
Oh, and another thing DBSK-related..-

Because I've been seeing DBSK lookalikes throughout my time in KL.
First, when we were at Sakae Sushi, I swore I saw a guy looking like the younger version of Yunho.
He must've been working at KLCC, since he wore a black long-sleeved shirt with a tie and black pants to match.
He was cute, but sadly, he hardly noticed me.

Then, as we were making our way to Pudu, we passed this phone shop and there was another boy who I swore resembled Yunho in the slightest. And I swore he looked at me as we walked past.

And then there was that one guy in Pudu who looked like Changmin. I didn't really get a good look as we were passing through, but from a glance/from the expression he was making, he definitely reminded me of Changmin.

Oh yes, there is one more.. This one just walked past us, but I was so sure he reminded me a teeny bit of Jaejoong. I never got a second glance.

Someone needs a life..

Advanced Foundation in KL

Actual date: 22nd April 2007
Taken from my ballet journal ^^

Ok, so this time, the 3 of us are going.
And again, we would be going by bus (only this time, to KL. Yeah. =3 ).

The journey there was uneventful, though more eventful than when I went to Terengganu.
(Shu Cia resumed her hibernation process, but at least I had Lika to talk to this time. ^^)
I didn't exactly sleep much in the bus. Maybe a few winks.
Maybe it was due to excitement or something. (I'm going to KL! With my friends! ^^ It's been a while since I last went, the last time being when I went on a school trip in std 6. =p )
I didn't eat anything when we stopped at the rest house in Temerloh too.
(Saving for the proper lunch at KL perhaps? xD)

When we finally arrived at the bus stop in KL, we took a monorail to Sentral, where we were supposed to call Gino.
He came shortly after and took us to Ms Tam a.k.a Sue Yin's place.
The dance studio turns out to be Dance Plaza, only at a different venue.
Dance Plaza was the place where I had my grade 8 exam rehearsal (or was it exam too? Ah well..) almost 3 (now 4,) years ago.
Back then it was at the old location.

Ms Tam's place was decent (ok, screw decent, it was nice).
She even had a maid to clean the studio (I'm guessing everyday, or at least on working days), and then there was the studio's chubby pet cat.
Back at the stairway (at the bulletin board alongside it), there was a flyer stating that a 'friend' was missing.
And that 'friend' happened to be a dog.
When we saw the chubby cat, Shu Cia grinned saying, "Guess where the dog went?"

We had wanted to go for a light luch before class (seeing as none of us really ate much during the bus break), but we were told to wait for another lady, as we were supposed to go for luch together.
But by 1pm, the lady was still nowhere to be found (class started at 2pm), so we decided we'd better get a move on or we might not get to have luch at all.
We went to the nearest stall, which happened to be a Mamak shop.

A guy came to take our order, and for drinks I asked for blackcurrant.
The guy pointed at Coke.
I told him no, and I repeated that I wanted blackcurrant.
Then he pointed at Vanilla Coke. =.="
By now, both Lika and Shu Cia were sniggering.
I got up from my chair, went to the fridge and pointed at the one I wanted.
I sat back down as the guy took the drinks and gave me... F&N Orange.
How blur can you get?? =.="

Then came time to order the food.
There were no menus, so Lika asked him (the same guy that took the order for our drinks, btw.)what they had.
Shu Cia ordered roti canai, and Lika and I ended up ordering Maggi Goreng Pattaya.
Obviously, Shu Cia's came first, then Lika and mine.
As he served one dish first, Lika told me to have it.
I tore the layer of egg open to find rice staring back at me.
Rice. Nasi.
I swore I almost headdesked in frustration.
Lika got the same. Rice.

Not bothering to complain, we finished, paid for our luch, and left for Dance Plaza.
Then we changed in the 'changing rooms' upstairs.

The teachers entered late, so to fill up the time where we spent waiting for them, we joked about.
And laughed. Hard.
Until my tears came out.

Ms Tam was a kind lady, as we soon found out.
But like all other ballet teachers (probably excluding Mr Gino.. Heh), her performance expectations were high.
Her students could do triple pirouettes like a walk in the park.
And to think, I was having trouble doing double. =.=
Oh, and she allowed us to have short breaks and drink some water in between, when she was discussing with Mr Gino and that other lady teacher.
(Ms Chua had not approved of us drinking water, when we asked if we could drink back at Terengganu, she replied with a "Huh? So little while want to drink already? If class is 5-6 hours then I'll let you have one break la.." I swear that woman is loco. =.=)

After class, I was hot and sweaty, yes, but not too tired.
Heck, after surviving 3 straight hours at Ms Chua's, 2 hours seemed.. tolerable. xD
Lika, however, was exhausted.
Don't blame her though. At Gino's, we do talking most of the time. xDD

We changed our sweatily-clad ballet leotards to regular clothes, and Mr Gino sent us to KLCC, where we had Genki for dinner. xDD
The salmon was heavenly, btw. ^^

After dinner and browsing about KLCC, we made our way to Pudu.
It was crowded with people and trust me, being a girl and all, you wouldn't want to find yourself alone there.
I sat myself and my bag down on one of the benches.
Not-so-good move.
Because I've been carrying that knapsack around since after class, the moment I slipped the shoulder straps off, a layer of wetness had formed where the strap used to be.

Once in the bus, both Lika and I were tired, sweaty and exhausted.
THANK GOD the bus had air conditioning, or we would have died.
At least I know I would.