July 05, 2009

Seow Hui's Sister's Wedding Performance

Ok, let's start from the beginning.
I was supposed to be there at 5.45pm just in case there were students who went early.
Instead, I left the house at about 5.50 something, and by the time I got there, it was almost 6.
But I saw no one downstairs, so I waited in the car for a while.
After all, I didn't want weird stares on me.

When I found out that Lika told the students to be there at 6, I finally came out of the car and saw Suzanne & Iris with their mom, going somewhere.
I called out to them, and brought them upstairs.
It was also then that I found out that the majority of students were already there.
But their mothers were with them, so no worries.

Not long after that, I met the girl, Jess, and she told us all to wait in the 'waiting room'.
Which was freaking hot and stuffy when we first went in, btw.
I pity the girls. They had to wait inside, while I had to wait downstairs in case the other girls came.
But eventually when I finally went up, the fan was on and there was at least more ventilation than before.

So that 'waiting room' was where everyone waited until it came time for the little 'fairies' to accompany the Bride & Groom in.
And after that was done, they had to go back into the changing room-cum-waiting room to change into their 'sexy clothes', as Lika put it.
Then we had to wait till some guy sings 3 songs, which would then be the cue for the girls' Sway dance.

The moment they came onstage, there were cheers and whistles throughout the hall.
Psshhh, perverts. xDD LOL
The girls danced alright, there were mistakes, but meh, no need to make a fuss of it.

After that was their dinner.
They had a special table set up for them, where the food was already prepared on the table, unlike the course dishes everyone else was having.
I was to take care of the lot, because Lika had to go to her own table as well.
I sat next to Agnes, the tiny little chatterbox, so I could supervise her as I attempted (keyword) to eat, myself.

I wound up only having a small bowl of the fried rice with some fried sotong, because I had to help the girls most of the other time (help them take dishes, feed Agnes, help someone else take the food, etc).

The highlight was probably during the 'Yam Seng'.
Heck, our table was the noisiest. xD
Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs (me excluded, of course) before clicking their glasses together and taking a sip.
That went on for all 3 rounds of 'Yam Seng-ing'.
Needless to say, they had the other tables looking and smiling at their antics.
Much to the chagrin of an embarrassed Lika. xD

Oh, and did I mention, I saw Li Yean there as well. ^^

After everyone had had their fill, we just sat around and chit-chatted and joked about, in addition to taking turns to help bring the kids down when their parents arrived.
Also, Lika & I got 'blessed' with the remaining coloured paper sprinkles by Jo Yee.

Now, for the pictures (yes, again, too many to upload here; it'd probably kill Blogger's photo uploader for uploading more than 5 at a go), go to my Facebook album.
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As for the video...~
Trusty ol' YouTube. xD