April 21, 2009

Well, That Was A Little Embarrasing.. =.=

So earlier today, Lika arrived at my house earlier than she said she would to fetch me, then Ms Chua, to Starbucks in ECM for our little 'discussion'.
Luckily I got ready early. Photobucket

So anyways, we went to Vistana and Lika rang Ms Chua, only to find out that she had only just arrived at the bus station.
So we found a parking and waited in the car while chatting a bit, but then Lika said she had to use the WC. Photobucket

By the time we came out of the toilet and were making our way back to the car, Ms Chua and her friend had just arrived.
So we waited at the hotel lobby while Ms Chua got herself settled in her hotel room.
At Vistana, there was some kind of event going on, and I saw one of my college friends, that chinese guy that took Moral Studies with us back in our second last semester.
Ong something was his name, I think. Photobucket
We smiled at each other, and he dissapeared in a room and I never saw him again after that. =p

To cut the story short, the discussion with Ms Chua made both Lika and I more relieved, after Ms Chua explained why what happened.
We felt reassured, and it was nice.

Then came the afternoon class.
I arrived at about 4.50 to open the gates in case Chia Hern came early, while Lika went to fetch Ms Chua.

We started at Port De Bras, Chia Hern attempting to catch up as we did the work on the spot.
And I must say, she deserves an applaud for being able to comprehend if even a bit of the work.
We couldn't turn the air cond's tempreture too low - Ms Chua was coughing rather badly, and it was bad enough that she took it as something 'normal'. Photobucket
So we were pretty much sweating from the early off.
Plus, we weren't allowed to drink water.

And about 1 1/2 hours into it, I could feel myself starting to get dizzy.
My vision was blurring, and try as I may to stand upright and continue dancing, my vision was failing me and I think I would faint or black out if I didn't sit down for a while.
So I apologised to Ms Chua, saying I felt dizzy, and went to the chair to sit.
She said I needed to take more iron. Photobucket
It was then that Ms Chua finally gave in and let us have a sip of water.
But heck, I had more than a sip. Photobucket

The dizziness faded away after a while, so I got up and danced again.
After learning a new dance and dancing with the music, the dizziness came back.
It comes and goes, going away when I sit and rest for a while, then coming back again when I've strained myself to catch a step a bit. Photobucket

It was a rather embarassing sight, really, when Lika and Chia Hern (who is in fact our junior) felt fine.
I later found out that Lika has been secretly fighting the urge to throw up not long after I had my dizzy spells.
Thank goodness that about half an hour before ending, she went through the techniques with us instead of teaching the other 7 dances, so it wasn't so strainful for me.

Maybe my dizzy spells were was also due to the fact that I had just finished my period on today itself, so I guessed my body was rather tired.
But even so, I still think that we should have classes like this more often to train our stamina and to actually get us working once in a while.
It'd be good for us, and God knows it'd be good at improving our technique, which, from what Ms Chua told us, we had a lot to work at.