October 31, 2010

I Feel Horrible.

I really, really do.

When was the last time I actually danced?? =_= I mean like, really dance danced. Properly.
Even more so now when I've got gaping blisters on BOTH my ankles. Patiently waiting for both of them to heal properly before I can dance/ put on my ballet shoes again without worrying that they (my wounds) will over stretch and risking them to open up again.

LIKAAAAAAAAA. The next time I come down, promise me we'll dedicate at least and hour to dance Advanced 1 ok?

October 04, 2010

After 4 Months...

I finally went back to the studio! ^^ Late, as per normal (*guilty grin*), but hey, I had a good excuse. Flu the night before, so I wanted to rest in a little more.
And not that I could not go, anyways. I was too excited to see everyone again.

I arrived during Grade 7 - Seow Hui, Penguin, Xing Ying, Kai Hong, Charnita - and, the newest (though not exactly 'new') member, Ice. The most kecoh group. Plus Mahgaret. Thanks to her, everyone calls me Kisstel now, even Dhivya. Fml. x]

After that class, Seow Hui, Mahgaret and I went to Frankie's Sandwich Cafe (who knew that such a heavenly cafe even existed in Kuantan??), because Mahgaret said that she heard that the sandwiches there were delicious with a capital D. So I dumped my lunch which I brought to the studio (rice that daddy bought) for sandwiches.
I'm evil, I know.

I actually have more pictures from Frankie, and I would upload them all, but the photo uploaders are being a retard and I can't seem to upload them. =_="

Not much has changed, only the students whom 4 months before I saw were little munchkins, have now grown taller. I also helped teach Grade 4 (GOD I miss teaching...), and a little of Primary (Iris, Agnes, and Amanda's class).

A little excerpt of the Primary class:

A will be going to the studio again later in the afternoon; and this time, more of the 'old' students will be there. Can't wait! ^^