March 03, 2012

Yikes, and Wow and the same time.

OK, so I'm a little iffed because I typed this post out using Chrome, and when I posted it, NOTHING except the title and tags came out. Grrrr.
And now I feel lazy to type it all over again. =.="

Anyways, I was musing how much I sucked at updating my dance blog, despite constantly professing my love for it.
And my flexibility.
Or rather, lack thereof. T_T

I used to do yoga for quite a few months back then, and I noticed that it DID help with my flexibility, but then I stopped yoga, and then I stopped ballet for a good 2 years because of uni.
And my flexibility just FLOPPED.
Like, literally. Bunny ears flop.

Ok, so I'm trying to make my 'disability' sound cute for a moment there.
Sorry. >.<
Not that I was all bendy last time either, so....
But you get my point.

And then there's me teaching.
I officially start this week, and I'm a little ball of excitement (and a little nervous... wreck.)
P/S: cute fail again there...

Before this I had been just a 'stand-in', per say. This time, I'll be handling 2 kinds of people by myself: adults, and  kindergarteners.

The best part of all these, though?

I FINALLY get to do what I love.

I'll make you proud, Mr Gino. <3