February 07, 2010

Why Hello Again..

Still remember me?
Yes? No?

I wouldn't blame you~ I've been MIA for so long, I feel like I've been cut off from the world or something. T^T
My bloody hostel didn't have internet connection for almost a month, although they had said that we would get it by January. Well honey, it's February now, and the internet only got through today.

Anyways, the main point is that I'm still alive; yes, I haven't died or anything.
And damn, do I miss blogging. =D
I'll just put up a short entry I had typed up one of those days when I was feeling a little homesick and dancesick.
I've sorta gotten over the homesickness, but I'm still dance sick. I miss ballet sfm! T^T


I miss you girls so much. Looking back at the videos, it makes me feel melancholy, almost if I had taken every moment I spent there for granted; every moment in the studio was taken for granted.. I thought I always had next week.
Knowing that that week was my last, it was hard. I was smiling, laughing, but I really felt like crying. I felt like hugging everyone tighly, but that would cause me to completely break down and cry, and I hadn't wanted to make it seem like I was overemotional or something. I promised myself I wouldn't reminisce and cry, but it's hard NOT to think of the very thing you've been doing all your life when you have nothing to do here and are all alone.
Same with Ashley. I KNEW I would cry. But that morning, I was still half awake, so the emotions weren't really warmed up yet. But I did, silently, as soon as the car started moving. The moment I knew I was gonna leave everything and start a new life.
I won't be able to come for class during the CNY holidays; it's too short. But still, I hope we can meet up again sometime.

So yeah. I hadn't managed to join the dance club this semester; I swear the recruitment came and went so discreetly, I hadn't even known about it! So I'd definitely catch it next semester~! ^^
Instead, I had joined the Photography (they'd lend us those Canon cameras and teach us about photography; they'd LEND us the cameras! =D) and Drama & Public Speaking Club.

Oh, and another thing; I probably wouldn't update this blog as often anymore, seeing as there is close to no dance in my life anymore.. T^T
But please, comment on this post/ in my c-box to keep in touch! ^^

Till then, ciao~!