October 22, 2009

Mr Sandman is Beckoning Me...

I feel So.Freaking.Poofed right now.
Lika and I had to dance Grade 6 AND 7, to teach the girls. (And danced Grade 6 in an almost sauna-ish atmosphere; thank you, faulty air cond.)
And to top it off, I wasn't able to have a good night's sleep last night, for some reason.

All that, plus another water shortage is really doing me in.
To save water, I was bent over for about 15-20 minutes to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, then waddle to the bathroom downstairs to clean the rest of me.
(Just picture it: For once, the smell of Dove shampoo and not food, coming from the kitchen. Enter kitchen, see an akward figure, doubled up in the sink in an even more akward position, water splashed all over sink and table.)
So thanks to that, I officially have somewhat of a stiff neck now.

I didn't feel the pinch until I got back and had dinner, which was around.. 11 something, maybe?
But by then I felt like a bear wanting to hibernate or something.. Seriously, I felt so heavy and sleepy.. NOT good.

And then there's tomorrow morning, where I have to go to my old school (Afzan) for them to 'certify' my photostated copies of my SPM certs and whatnot, for my uni application.
I really hope I get it.. Wish me luck! ^^