April 19, 2010

What Facebook Did.

I've been meaning to create a group for us Premier Dance Academy students for ages.
I've seen the likes of Khoo Academy, SMKTA, and a lot others, and it made me realise that our academy was the only one that didn't have it's Facebook group.

So just yesterday, I was chatting with Mahgaret (heehee~ xD) on Facebook, and I voiced out my idea of creating a group for the academy. She said it was a good idea, and so, the Gino Dance Academy group was born, almost 2 months after his death. >_<

I invited all of his students, former and present, that were in my friends list, to join the group. And the great thing is, it has become the place where all his students can lament about their days and remember the great teacher that he was.
I uploaded pictures and videos that he was in, and it got comments from people I hadn't even known; only to find out that the person had been his student a long time ago.

I guess I'm glad that the group has become a 'reunion place' of sorts, and that I'm able to get in touch with/find students that shared the same, pleasant memories of a great teacher. And most importantly, that no matter how long ago a person had been Mr Gino's student, that he was never forgotten.