July 30, 2011

I Found My Heart Beating With A Familiar Ache...

The kind of longing ache that presents itself whenever I see any male member of our Dance Club dancing.

Ever since my passion for dance surfaced, it has been one of my main dreams to be able to dance with my partner. And I don't mean those crappy, sad attempts at using dance (if you even call it dancing) as a last resort to be on my good books. (And you wondered WHY I didn't seem happy.. tch.) Ok, enough about that..

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that it's always been something I want to do. Dancing with my boyfriend, I mean.  I don't know if it sounds selfish, but it would mean a lot to me. When you really DO have that special connection in real life, when you dance, if both parties put an effort to it, it will be beautiful. Not only the connection, but the partnership as well. Absolutely gorgeous.

See the passion and connection in this dance? Look how enticing it is.

Of course, I don't expect to dance that professionally with my partner. I've always dreamed of dancing a performance with my boyfriend, but even a slow dance would be enough.

Everytime I see a performance by the dance club, I so wished that my boyfriend was with me; to dance with me.

July 26, 2011

Lacking, As Usual..

Well I was supposed to post this the day after I dreamt it, but I got so caught up in other things that I only just remembered to pen it down now.

Epic fail, but yeah, whatever. ;p

Anyways, it has been.. I think about a week or so after the Dance Drama was over, and I had dreamt that along with the other dancers, I was learning Taeyang's Where You At choreography that we used in the drama. And surprisingly enough, in that dream, I knew at least 95% of the choreography. When I woke up, I found that I could remember most of the steps as well; and it's weird because I hadn't even learnt or tried those dance steps. Then to wake up and unconsciously know it almost as if were the back of my hand.. Wow.

The only dance I was sort of sure I knew, and which I also had never personally learnt; (meaning I had only mentally learnt the steps from watching it countless times during practise) was the 'I Gotta Feeling' dance, because it was fairly very easy.

But the most important thing is, I'M BACK and ready to start dancing again! =D

July 07, 2011

Just thought I'd post this. ;)

If any of you are using Blackberry... Here's the mobile version of my blog! ;)


Well I guess you could say that the Dance Drama was the best thing that happened to me this year.. dance-wise, that is. Since then, I've been dancing more and trying to get myself more involved with dance activities, and I love every second of it. I've met so many other dancers that I can learn so much from.

If I thought that Ballet so far has taught me discipline and determination, I have learnt even more about that after the drama. I've made friends who have become my dance family, language proving not a border when it comes to something you're passionate about. Once you're on the same level, linguistics aren't needed.

So I don't have to worry about breaking my promise anymore, Mr Gino. I will keep dancing, while you keep teaching the angels.