December 18, 2008

And today..

I'll be honest, nothing much happened today.
Just the usual jokings and whatnot.

But I came today to see Lika's friend, TimTam-Something (it's a Thailannese name, I can't remember!) playing the piano while Misaki danced. And she played for Jovian, Crystal (yes, I've misspelled her name all this while. Don't expect me to go back all the entries and correct it though. I'm too lazy to) and Sayaka's class too.

Oh, and turns out Lydia knows Burney too.
*Smacks forehead* How could she not? Her cousin is Melody after all..

Anyways, on to the videos..

Pivot Turns. Oh how I used to suck at it.. *shudders*
On the other hand, Jovian's "Eurgh!" at the end was just.. xDD!!

Sorry it's to the side.. Uh.. My bad. =p

I like Grade 4's Reverance. ^^

Because of The Last Post..

Because the last post made me think back and reminisce about the past, when me and my girls had to go to Taipan, KL, for Grade 8.
That was probably my first and last exam I'll take it in KL. *sniff*
I've just been taking classes since my group all left for their studies.

So I decided to make a tribute post of the videos I had taken during that time.
And also throw in whatever ballet videos that have impressed me.
So yeah, I guess you could say that this is a video post.

I'll explain about the videos as I go along.
Oh, and forgive the bad quality of the video, I recorded it on some cheap 'Bonuslink exchanged' camcorder..

1. The first one is before the exam, there was another class (can't remember what grade) that were having their exam before us (which would explain the out-of-place looking girl in red leotard and character skirt somewhere along the video), and after that would be the luch break. So this was what we did.

2. My parents were there with me for the exam. And due to anxiety, none of us had eaten/wanted to eat before our exam for fear that we couldn't dance properly. My mother though, would have none of that, saying that we'd better at least have something light before dancing. So she had my dad go down to buy a bun and a bottle of juice for everyone.
(The studio was upstairs, and downstairs of the studio was Taipan, and it had all kinds of foodstores and whatnot.)

3. Then just before their exam, Alithea decided to do a (really) short 'interview' of Terina.

In case you couldn't catch what she was saying, here's the caption:
Alithea: Ok Terina, how are you feeling right now?
Terina: I'm feeling very fine.. *bursts out laughing*
Alithea: Oh really?

4. And the last one: During the exam, Alithea was dancing in the exam room, Terina & Naomi were talking to each other, and Brenda was fumbling in her bag before fishing out her digital cam and doing something to it. Oh, and Gino makes an appearance. ^^

And then there was a video tribute that I made, consisting of all the videos you saw, plus some pictures I took that day.
In case you don't want to see a repeat of the videos (and to save space), I'll post the link to the video instead, so you can go see it only if you want to. =3

Ballet Memories

And then there's this video, also a flashback one, that I find carries somewhat the same message that I was trying to convey in my tribute (if not better):

It's so nice to travel with your friends ne?

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

That girl is in Grade 5.
And look at her developpe and technique! O.O
She's GOOD. Sort of embarassing really, for someone like me.. T__T

You know what? I think I'll stop here.. Before I eat everyone's bandwidth.. =3

Gino Is Not Here This Week And..

Hmm.. Let's see.. Apart from Lika's usual boob-grabbing on everyone (and a close attempt on me, wtf),  yesterday was.. slightly boring.

Lika also showed me Fouettes Ronds De Jambe En Tournant, which she learnt from Youtube. And well, let's just say that at least we didn't have to do triple pirouettes in one go.
I haven't exactly tried it out yet, partly because practially the entire Intermediate class were watching as Lika gave me a short demo on how it was.

That, and at home, I would've swept a lot of things off tables and such if I were to try that in my room.

But I think Lika was talking about this video though:

P/S: LOL at the girl in the back, waving and all. xDD!

If she was, then.. Well.. I guess I have to work hard. Very hard.
Wai does my work have to be so weak? T___T (Especially pirouettes & pointe work??)

And while I was browsing Youtube for RAD videos, Guess what I found?

F.A.B! Intermediate girls and Lixian, you should know this! ^^

Ah.. I still remember this post on F.A.B.. ^^

Anyways, back to yesterday's events.

We were both looking at the syllabus book after finding out about the Fouette, and there was an exercise called Chaines (sha-nay), but we didn't know how to do that.
So Lika made up her own syllabus.
And it involved swinging invisible 'chains' first from your right hand, then left, then both, and continued by swinging 'chains' from other parts of your body.
Of course, we (I) didn't act out the 'other parts'.
I'll leave that for you to imagine.

We even put on the music, got ready our invisible chains, and began 'swinging' them in time to the music.
By the time we finished swinging the two 'chains' at once, we were too doubled up laughing to continue.
Too bad we didn't get a video of that. Or not.

I didn't get to take much videos & pics, and even those I took were mostly everyone fooling around.
And attempting to do pointe work. xD

Don't ask. I dunno what she was trying to imply either. xD

Tze Ping modelling Lika's bag.

Um.. Couru anyone? =p

Chia Hern mimicking Seow Hui's Couru. xD

Hah! Didn't think I'd leave this out didja? xD

Apparently, Jermaine found Lika hilarious. xD

Jocelyn & Jermaine. Loving sisters y/y? xD

And now to the videos! ^^

Now how can I get an arch like Tze Ping's? *___*

P/S: No idea why Chia Hern was smilling throughout the entire video. xD

Aaaannndddd... Lika makes an appearence!

And of course, the goofy-ness that is our senior students. xD

December 16, 2008

Just A Short Post..

To say that Gino will not be here this week! ^^

Which also means that I would not have to worry about going to KL and having to miss classes on Thursday. xD

I know, I know.. I'm evil. But I don't mind dancing on Wenesday, it's just the morning class on Thursdays that are a bummer.

Especially if it happens to be a monsoon weather.
I wanna sleeeppppp.. ZZZzzzzzz

December 11, 2008


I had to go early today to open the gates in case Sayaka & Misaki came, because Lika had to go to the bank.
Not too long after I arrived, Misaki came, then Lika.

As Misaki's class started, I managed to secretly (yes, so sue me) capture a few videos of her dancing, because well, she's too cute not to.

Oh, and sorry about the head being cut off. I did say secretly. xD

Later after Misaki's class, Sayaka danced for about half an hour before Krystal came, then Lika said to wait for the rest of  the Grade 4 girls to come, then she (Sayaka) would dance together with them.
Krystal did a bit of barre work by herself, but ended up hanging out with us for most of the time.
Then Sayaka began telling/asking us jokes/riddles. (She told us how she liked jokes and riddles earlier on.)

By the way, for those who don't know, Misaki is 6 years old and Sayaka is 8. And they've only been with us for about 3-4 months at most, not knowing a single thing seeing as they just finished their exams when they came here.

Now about 3 months later, Misaki knows her entire Grade 2 syllabus, whereas Sayaka knows about  90% of her Grade 4. ^^

Now why can't ALL our students be like that? =.=

Then after that were the Intermediate students, who didn't dance but rather chit chatted with us. xp
We were supposed to be able to go back after that, but Lika's Grade 3 students were coming. I lingered for a while after Intermediate, but I didn't stay until Grade 3 was over. ;)

So yeah.

I got more videos from today, but it was not really as eventful as the previous week.

Of 'Horniness' and 'Best Friends'

On Wednesdays, as usual, my class would be at 5pm, after Sayaka's class.
I had just finished my bath when I received an sms from Lika asking me to bring an extra 'crunchy'. Took me a while to register what she meant in my head. =3 (Crunchy=Lika's version of scrunchie. And she's.. 24 years old? Hard to believe, I know. *ducks the Boob-Grabber's flailing arms* xD)
To be precise, her exact message went like so:

"Haha.. Faster come ya. I'm lonely.. Horny.."

Yup, She actually said that.
And since then, she's been spreading the 'virus' to anyone who came within 1m of her. First to me, then me spreading it to the rest. xD
Seow Hui.. Ah.. She was 'uneffected'.
At least until her group of Intermediate girls came (Lixian included), then all hell broke loose.

Because like everyone who's ever seen these group of girls know, it doesn't take much for them to get guffawing like men in their favourite pub, having a 'Happy Hour'.
So anyways, Lika's pianist friend came to see Gino about playing for the exam thingy. And Gino had told us all to go outside, maybe so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable discussing money matters with Gino, and private matters, I'm guessing.
So with us 'shooed' by Gino, we began chatting outside.
Lika was with us for a while, before Gino called her in to help.
But that little while was enough to spread that deadly virus of hers, that we all called 'horniness'.

Soon we were cracking up (loudly, I might add), and the topic came to a person we all deemed our 'best friend'.
No names will be mentioned (dangerously and rightfully so), but we all shared the same opinions about that person.
And what a good time we had.

Even representative Lika had to pop her head out from the studio and tell us to shut up or Gino would bite our heads off.
Well, not literally, but you get the picture.

I also invited the lot of them to my prom, with every intention of bringing the house (or rather, ballroom,) down together.
Only Lika has confirmed, the rest are not sure. I hope they'll give me their answers by today.

Later, I'll have to accompany Lika again, like last Thursday, and I'll be sure to get more videos and silly antics again. xD

December 06, 2008

Some Videos This Time. ^^

I planned to write this earlier, but.. *shakes fist at college projects*
That, and Blogger's video uploader hates me. =(

So yeah. I'm writing Thursday's events today.

EDIT: I was finally able to get those videos up! Using the photobucket uploader. =3

On Wednesday shortly after we found out that Gino was going to back to KL the same night, Lika threatened asked me to company her on Thursday because it'd be boring to teach alone, with only the little devils as your company.

Oh don't I know it. >0<

So anyways, on Thursday I went to the studio at about 4.30pm, and it so happens that I brought my digital camera with me.

(Honestly, I'm beginning to bring my cam with me wherever I go these days.. =.=")
Understandable, I think, since I love to preserve memories. ^^

First up was Misaki's class, and we've probably mentioned it for the millionth time, but I want to clone that girl. =3
After that was her onee-san Sayaka's class.
It started with Sayaka alone, then Jovian's group gradually came. That's when the fun started.

About nearly 3/4 into the class, I whipped out my camera and began recording some stuff.

The result? The videos you are about to see at the bottom. xD

Btw, ignore my annoying voice that pops up every now & then. =.="

From the back l-r: Krystal (a.k.a MiniMe. xD), Sayaka, Megan, Jovian.

Doing Grade 4's Dance.

Exercise For Relaxation..


Then there was the Intermediate class. I didn't get to take much videos, because they didn't dance much anyways.

Chia Hern & Tze Ping doing Pose Pirouettes.. In duet. Their own syllabus. Yeah. xD

Wow, I'm finally done! *throws confetti and dances* ^^