March 26, 2009


I won't lie.
I'm feeling so friggin poofed right now.
Even the computer screen looks fuzzy.
And the fact that I've found myself waking up at ungodly hours these two days are not helping.

Yesterday I woke up at 5:50am, and just couldn't go back to sleep.
But it was more convenient because I had to send my sister to school (which starts at 7:30am).
It wouldn't be so bad if I had nothing to do the whole day, which would then allow me to catch up on my lost sleep, but no such luck.
I had my usual ballet class at 5pm, and I tried to sleep in the afternoon, to no avail.
Sleep had just evaded me the entire afternoon, try as I may to fall asleep.
But I didn't feel sleepy while I was at ballet; maybe because Wednesdays are usually rather fun in the studio.
Lika & I danced during Intermediate as well, so I guess that sorta contributes in me not feeling sleepy.

I was fine, until after dinner.
I felt as if I was a python or a bear or something, that needed to hibernate after a heavy meal.


As I was typing up stuff for my Livejournal, I felt the sleep start to seep in.
I was even nodding off in the toilet. >_>
And I haven't been that exhausted since.. I can't even remember.

Err.. Yeah, you didn't need to know that. =3

So I thought that I'd set my alarm, take a nap, then wake up later and finish my stuff up and then go to bed properly, but alas, everyone close to me knows how I am when I'm groggy.
When my alarm rang, I turned it off subconsciously, and went back to sleep.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 6am.
And the whole process started again.
I couldn't sleep, and I had ballet later at 9:30am.
So I finished up whatever I was supposed to do after waking up from my 'nap' yesterday, and got ready for ballet.

The atmosphere for the morning class was no different than usual: it passed by rather blurry, and us, lazy.
Then when I came back in the afternoon, I logged on to my laptop to surf the net while I waited for myself to cool down from the flushedness (is that even a word??) that resulted in after class.

By the time I cooled down, I had not much time for rest left as I had to go to the studio early with my laptop to check out hostels with Lika for our trip to Singapore in September.
I managed to rest my eyes for less than an hour.

However, by Grade 4, the sleep was catching up on me.
Added by the fact that all I did was sit and watch.
How boring~...
Then come Tze Ping's class, I did Grade 7 with them, so I didn't feel sleepy then.

But when I got home, I almost hibernated after dinner,
Well, I guess I should stop here and get some rest.. I'm starting to nod off again.