July 03, 2009

Thursday's Post.

I meant to post this yesterday (and process my press releases), but I got so exhausted I slept through it.
Yes, yet again, I fail. *0*

So here's the gist on what happened on Thursday:

I was supposed to pick Ashley up before I went to class in the evening.
No complains there, as long as I had my share of rest in the afternoon (to replace the energy lost in the morning) before going to class again in the evening.
But right before I was to leave the house, it began raining. Heavily.
Now make no mistake, I love the rain, but I was at a slight...-ah, inconvenience, seeing as how I was wearing my tights, and I wasn't even completely dry from my shower yet.
And I was gonna get wet again.

I wore my raincoat (that my grandfather gave me), and that shielded my top from the rain, but left my tights-cladded legs vulnerable.
Get this: I wore my leotards and tights as usual, the usual shorts, and just the raincoat. Nothing else.
As Lika out it, it was the first time she saw me wear something like that to class.
But for the first time in ballet, I was fucking freezing. (Forgive the profanity.)

So to warm myself up, I did a few warm ups when I had the studio to myself (when Lika sent Gino to the bus station), but just as I was starting to feel warm, Jovian came.

And... (things are about to get dramatic from this point)
We (as in everyone in the studio except Jovian) were 'blessed' with a stunning performance by a young piano prodigy.

I kid you not!
Alas, a performance not by Mozart, but Mozahrt.
Oh, the goosebumps. Oh the suspense!
I shall leave you with the footage of said prodigy playing her piece.

Don't kill me.

Well HAAYYY, have some humour, people! xD

Oh, and one more thing.
One of the many reasons I love my job:

I get to meet celebrities up close and personal.
In this case, Ning Baizura.