April 21, 2010

Guess Coming Here Won't Completely Deter Me From Ballet After All.

Cause there's a boombox in the studio, and when I get back this Friday, I'll bring all my ballet CDs. Photobucket (And the blank CD-RW ones too, damned CD-Rs. Photobucket
Oh, and my demi pointes, and my pointes too. See how it feels like to do pointe in the studio.Photobucket

Anyways, a little chat and him seeing my blog post led to Max telling me that he was serious about wanting to learn the basic steps of ballet.
Taking him up for the challenge, we set a date for today, 12.45pm, at the Uni's dance studio.

When I arrived (almost 20 minutes late, thanks to the 'efficient' new online subject registration. Photobucket Registration for the next semester, that is), Max was already at the studio with Alex, and they were busting a few b-boy moves.
I changed my pants (in the restroom of course, geez~!), and warmed up. Max humourously followed.Photobucket

I began by teaching him the basic feet positions: 1st to 5th. He was determined to get 5th position right after me telling him that he was rolling his feet. I also hadn't left out what Ms Chua taught us about pulling our legs up when we do a 1st-5th, until our bones touched.
And really, it was funny how Max was so concentrated on getting it right, and Alex just sat on his behind calling Max a faggot every chance he got, and every time he saw Max actually concentrating on getting it right.

But Alex seemed to be able to get it right without trying. Lol.
Only thing was that he wouldn't be caught dead dancing ballet.Photobucket

But one thing I liked about Max: his determination. Unlike other guys (*cough*cough*) He wasn't afraid that he'd look 'sissy' or that other people were watching him. He diligently (haha) practised, especially on his turnout. 

Which brought out the other 'feeling' in me: How much I missed teaching. Little kids, especially.
Yes, they're naughty.
Yes, they're mischievous to the point of insanity.
But in the end, it all comes down to them recognizing you as their 'teacher'. For me, I love how their eyes shine and they clamber to the door shouting 'Teacher Krystle~~!!' and grouping around me when I arrive.
Although they start bullying me not long after. Photobucket
But yeah, I'm a lump of sappiness.
But that's what I love.

*clears throat* ANYWAYS...

Max requested several times that I show him a dance. And when I did, he tried keeping up to the dance behind me.
And the boy did Intermediate's Plie.
Not bad for a first timer. Photobucket
So yeah, kudos to you, Max. 

We had to wrap up early though, and we went for lunch after that.

All in all, I hadn't danced much today, probably because Intermediate was getting slightly boring to practise. After all, Lika, Shu Cia and I did what, almost 2 years of Intermediate, I think?

I'll practise more once I bring the CDs back. It's like I'm addicted; I want to go to the studio once every week at least.
And I've been thinking, it would be kinda nice if I could have the whole studio to myself, and dance with the lights dimmed.

Oh, and Max, face it. You knew this was coming. xD

April 19, 2010

What Facebook Did.

I've been meaning to create a group for us Premier Dance Academy students for ages.
I've seen the likes of Khoo Academy, SMKTA, and a lot others, and it made me realise that our academy was the only one that didn't have it's Facebook group.

So just yesterday, I was chatting with Mahgaret (heehee~ xD) on Facebook, and I voiced out my idea of creating a group for the academy. She said it was a good idea, and so, the Gino Dance Academy group was born, almost 2 months after his death. >_<

I invited all of his students, former and present, that were in my friends list, to join the group. And the great thing is, it has become the place where all his students can lament about their days and remember the great teacher that he was.
I uploaded pictures and videos that he was in, and it got comments from people I hadn't even known; only to find out that the person had been his student a long time ago.

I guess I'm glad that the group has become a 'reunion place' of sorts, and that I'm able to get in touch with/find students that shared the same, pleasant memories of a great teacher. And most importantly, that no matter how long ago a person had been Mr Gino's student, that he was never forgotten.

April 18, 2010

I'm Getting Old.

No wonder I felt as if something was missing.

I went to the gym's dance studio today and I forgot to blog! Seriously. =_="

Anyways. Rachel has gone back to Penang on Friday, so I went with Nesa, Ramesh, Ann & Min Ru. To be honest, I was quite skeptical about today, because I had the feeling that Ann & Nesa might cancel out at the last minute. But we went through.

Ann spent most of her time at the gym, so the entire dance studio was mine. Only thing was, apparently, the people there either have never seen ballet or they like to creep the hell outta me, because some of them were staring as I danced..- and made no attempt to hide it.
I brought my Intermediate CD and danced. Ann tried to follow a little of the barre work, and Min Ru joined me in stretching. Oh, and one thing I simply must mention: I'm THIS \___/ close to doing a split! \(^^)/
If I manage to go to the gym every week (or more, if possible), I should be able to do a split in maybe.. 2-3 weeks? ;D I promised myself I'd train in  my room as well. ^^

But yeah, it felt GREAT to be able to dance again. =)
And as the studio didn't really have any solid and/or big enough thingy to spot with, I was literally jay walking after pose turns. xD The room spinned, and I was walking like some drunk. xD

I didn't manage to take any pictures this time, but I plan to next week, with whoever I'm going with. ^^