January 07, 2009

Finally, Dancing Again.

Well, here I am.
At home, lying on my bed, laptop propped up in front of me.
And I can still feel the muscles in my thighs aching.

I guess that's what you get when you're stripped off of one month's worth of dance.
Gino wasn't here for two weeks in December, then there was the two-week school holiday.

I know, my fault for being my ol' lazy self not practising at home.

Lika and I told Gino about that Fouette dance we saw on YouTube, and he told us to try it.
It was like pivot and poses all over again.
I managed to do the fouettes after about 3 tries, but I just can't stay on one spot.
The same can be said for Lika.

When the Intermediate girls arrived, Lika wasted no time in going to Full-Frontal Booby-Grabbing Mode.
I think she's missed it. xD