July 23, 2009

My 'Routine' Is All Messed Up..


First of all, we didn't dance much at all this morning.
Just the usual warm up at the barre, plie and the works. We didn't even do the entire barre work, but by the end of the class (which we spent most of the time talking too), both my calf muscles hurt as if I just did an intense workout or something.

Then I later found out that Allegro (the girl, lol) wouldn't be coming until she finishes her Advanced 1 exam, which means that I'll have more time to rest before going for class (which is actually at 5.30pm).
Buuuuttt.. I did not sleep.

Instead, I was on the computer the whole time.
I knew I had to sleep if I didn't want to be a walking zombie like last week again, but (sometimes, I just wanna curse the internets.. or not. xD) I was absorbed in the internet.
(Not that I'm not always absorbed, but yeah, you get the picture.)

Then I received a message not long after to fetch my sister from school at 3.30pm.
I still hadn't slept when I fetched her from school, and by the time we got back, there was little time left before I had to take a shower before going to class.
That being said, I still managed to cram in at least 10 minutes of sleep before I took a shower.
Is that desperate or what??

But anyways, Ashley sent me to ballet today, because she was taking the car (Kancil) to the dentist.

When I went upstairs, our Advanced 1 music was playing, but Lika was just about to walk out of the studio.
Of course.
Gino wasn't there, he went down to Medan Selera to buy food.
And the music was to fool Gino into thinking that we've done up to that far.
But who were we kidding, really? That old geezer knew us too well. xDD

Oh, and we knew the results of that day's exam today too.
Highest mark in the school was a high Distinctioned 84, and belonged to (no surprises here) Misaki.
But a majority of the girls got a Distinction, so congratulations to them.
Though I wasn't satisfied that Carmen did not get a Distinction. She worked so hard, she deserves a Distinction, to be honest.

Also, during Tze Ping's Grade 7, we danced with her and (finally!) did some new dances.
So I didn't really feel sleepy or anything throughout.

But yeah, that's it, to be honest.
I started feeling really drowsy in mum's room later after dinner though.
And I fell asleep halfway typing this up, finishing it the next day, today.

A Short Excerpt From Mum's Birthday..

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