October 30, 2009

It's Official.

Katrina is one hell of a mood maker. xD
What was once glum immediately liftens up with her presence. She should 'join' MUEC (Magarita University of Excessive Crap), she'd be an honours' student. xD

Also, due to the Grade 5 'virus', a skid (which involved barre-grabbing due to almost 'overshooting' the mark, courtesy of Lika) was 'added' in the Character Dance.
Why is it that we always tend to mess up the silliest things during Grade 5 (and cause a racket)??
Oh yeah, the virus. xD

Li Xian came for Grade 7 today, but ended up sitting out for most of it.
Though, I managed to have a short chat with her after her class.. It's always nice to talk to her, she laughs easily. xD

Not much of a story this time, but sometimes short is better, no? ^^