October 21, 2013

My 'Therapy' 3 Years Ago.

It's nice to know that my dance blog is finally getting revived after almost 5 months of abandonment.  photo 2.gif

It's also nice to know that I seem to find inspirations (though often a few months too late) in the randomest things. Take right now, for example.

I'm packing my stuff to go to KL in a few hours for this Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology Workshop, and I come across this form of 'therapy' that I've used 3 years ago.

What is it, you ask?

This BOOK.

And what is this 'therapy', I hear you ask?

3 years ago, when I was in my first semester in university, Gino (my ballet teacher) passed away. Because everything happened so suddenly, and back then, I was still in the process of getting a hang of the stuff around there, it came as a huge shock, and it was hard for me to accept. It still is, even now.

So instead of crying my eyes out every now and then when I went to dance practices in the Dance Club there, or started listening to the syllabus music, I 'started therapy' on myself the best way I knew how; expressing it through writing.  photo 1.gif

I would write these 'letters' to Gino, as if he could read it personally. I wrote them to him to tell him about how I've been doing, about how sorry I felt not being able to properly thank him for everything he's done for me.

Yes, I blurred the contents on purpose. ;p

Although I knew all too well that I would literally be writing to myself, it did help coping with the grief that much better.

Though I must say, I haven't written in it in 3 years.  But just because I haven't written in the longest time, doesn't mean I'm completely over his death.

I just might write another entry in that book tonight; who knows?