August 14, 2008

Inter Found Girls Go For Rehearsal

So yeah, this is basically my review of that day (9th August 2008), taken from my Livejournal. Read on.. If you dare. xD

WARNING: It's reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy long. And I mean really long. You have been warned.

Ok, truth is, I'm feeling really lazy to write the entire events of yesterday, but it'd be a shame not to, since I've been looking forward to this trip for about a week. Besides, it was fun. ^^And when I do write, I like to be as detailed as possible (only for trips and such people, minds out of the gutter!), so I'll be able to remember most of it (if not all) when I read it in the future. Yeah, I like to remember memorable memories, thank you. (Whoa! Tongue twister! xD)
When I arrived at the bus stop a little over 7.45am, Lika, Seow Hui, Chien Yi & Tze Ping were already there. Chein Yi's parents were there too, and waiting till she got on the bus, I supposed. So we were left to wait for Li Xian, and she arrived with her mother about 10 minutes later. (Lydia is going with her parents there.) In the bus, our seating went like so:

I) Seow Hui & Chien Yi
II) Li Xian & Tze Ping
III) Lika & me

I'll cut the bus ride short, because nothing much happened anyway. But there were a few things worth mentioning.

1) Not long after we were in the bus, Seow Hui took out her powder bottle and squeezed some (though vertically & indirectly,) at the air cond, complaining that there was something that was smelly.

2) At the rest area, in the toilet, Tze Ping & Chien Yi asked if they could keep their shirt/pants on, because Tze Ping had period and well, Chien Yi was being Chien Yi. xD

3) Eating snacks in the bus, which really looked like we were having a mini picnic or something, judging by the amount of junk food Lika bought, which, incidentally, were more than half gone in a matter of minutes.

When we finally arrived at KL, we took the LRT from the station at Pekeliling (the one where me & Lika almost missed the bus one time because our class finished later than we had estimated).
And it was also there that I tried out my Touch 'n Go card again, only to have it error-ed again.
I placed it on the sensor in whichever way I could think of that was sensible: horizontal, vertical, backwards, sideways, you name it.
Unfortunately, ALL didn't work.
So I had to use my money instead, and I didn't have much change with me. (Insert profanity of choice here.)
Lucky for us, the LRT was rather empty when we boarded it, so we all managed to find seats, though Li Xian had to sit opposite us.
Seow Hui, we found out, was rather nervous to be sitting this LRT, because as she said, you could see it running on one long track alone; nothing to support it whatsoever. She grabbed hold of the rod particularly hard when the LRT made a rather sharp turn.

We got out at Sentral; where if we were going to Ms Tam's, Gino would be fetching us from there, and had to walk across the street, past a bus-station-like thingy and up the escalator to this place that looked like an airport, only the LRT version.
There were quite a number of stalls there, ranging from typical booths to the likes of Secret Receipe (which I hadn't seen until we were on the LRT, because it was hidden well away from the path we had to take to the LRT) & Famous Amos.There, you had to buy the tickets from a machine, so I had to buy something for loose change. And I bought some Famous Amous cookies.
(Ok, so I had already wanted to buy the cookies the moment I had a whiff of them as we passed the little shop, but let's just stick with that excuse, mmkay?)
I was beginning to sweat during this time, and me no likey.
So anyways, Chien Yi ended up wanting to buy something at Famous Amos too, and ended up getting gummies. We each took one.

We rode the LRT (or monorail, can't tell the difference for the life of me) to Asia Jaya, where we were supposed to wait for Gino. He was already there when we went down the stairway. We were looking out for his battered old van that he said he was going to fetch us with, but instead what greeted us was Micha's MyVi. Seeing as the MyVi couldn't fit all 6 of us at one go, it was decided that we split and Mr Gino would have to make 2 rounds. First off were Lika, Chien Yi & Seow Hui. Me, Tze Ping & Li Xian stayed back and waited for the 2nd round, and we whiled the time away by chatting (some stuff about throwing our used tissues & wrappers to potential kidnappers/robbers) & snacking; me on my Famous Amos cookies. =3

Tze Ping at the bus stop in Asia Jaya. Li Xian refused to let me take her pic. =.="

When Mr Gino finally arrived for us, we took off to FAB. Lika had already messaged me earlier saying they were at the 3rd floor. Gino dropped us off at this foodcourt-like place, and at first things weren't very clear; if we were supposed to walk to FAB, where FAB was, etc. Finally the misunderstanding was settled. Turns out Mr Gino had asked Lika & the rest to go to the foodcourt and meet us to have lunch before class, but Chien Yi & Seow Hui said they were not hungry and wanted to eat later. So Gino had to drive us to the FAB building, which actually wasn't very far. It was a rather old building, and as we found out when we went to the 3rd floor, it was nothing like Ms Tam's place or any other ballet studios in KL that we've been to. It reminded me of the place of a rather small old apartment and somewhat like our studio back in Kuantan, only this one had a Changing Room and about 2 studios on each floor of about 5. Oh, and the 'main studio' on that floor was bigger than ours. We waited for our 'time of rental' of the studio by reading magazines and (in Seow Hui's case,) eating the unfinished junk food. Not much activity was done.
Lydia arrived minutes before everyone had to go in the studio (TOR lol). We all went in the studio first while Lydia changed (don't understand why she didn't come to the studio in her leotards, since she came with her parents & all..) and prepared everything. Gino came in not long after, but Lydia & Li Xian (who was with Lydia) were still MIA. We started not long after Lydia & Li Xian's arrival, doing some barre work on both sides. I took some photos & the occasional videos throughout, giving the excuse (to the IF girls) that so they could see how they danced/did. (I wasn't exactly lying... =p )

P/S: Li Xian is the one on the far right in the last picture. xD

Mr Gino ran through most of the centre work because we were lacking time (we supposed to be done by 3.30pm [2.00-3.30]) . But he did ask them to repeat centre pointe work a few times. Everyone (except Tze Ping I think) couldn't go en pointe properly anymore by the time they repeated Echappe Releve to 2nd. xD Though, having said that, their pointe work has gotten much better since I first saw them doing pointe. After they finally did Reverance, we rushed them and asked them to hurry and get changed. And, no surprises, they took quite a while to do so. Li Xian was the first in the changing room and the first one to come out. Next was Lydia. The five of us (Gino, Lika, Lydia, me & Li Xian) decided to go down first, and hoped they'd be ready by the time Gino drives his car in front of FAB. Alas, they weren't. So Lika asked me & Li Xian to go first, and she'll stay at FAB and wait till the rest were done, because if we make Gino wait long for the rest, he'd lose his temper. (Gino has an uncannily shorter temper whenever he has to go places in KL.) So Li Xian & I got in Gino's car when he drove up in front of FAB, leaving Lika to wait for the rest & Lydia. When we reached Asia Jaya's LRT, Li Xian & I sat in the same bus stop we had sat in earlier while waiting for Gino to come get us for the second round. There, we chatted while waiting for the rest, and I could've sworn that we surely had to wait longer for their arrival, had they not had Mr Gino to rush them. I saw Lika walking with the rest opposite the bus station about 20 minutes after we (Li Xian & I) got there, and went up to join them. We then made our way to KLCC. (SUSHI! *grins*)
We agreed that we would go and eat first, then see if we have time left to do some shopping. Li Xian was so excited to go to Kinokuniya that she told us she wanted to go straight to Kinokuniya after we arrive at KLCC. We agreed after we made her promise that she'd eat something as well, and not forget about her dinner. Lika, Seow Hui, Chien Yi, Tze Ping & I dug in at Sakae Sushi . =D I ordered Salmon Don as usual, and while waiting for the main dish, I took 4 plates of sushi off of the train. I had thought of taking one more plate before my main dish came, but I'm glad I refrained. I was literally stuffed by the time I finished it all. After 'dinner', Chien Yi, Seow Hui & Tze Ping took off in thier own direction, and me & Lika headed to Kinokuniya. We spent the rest of the time there, me debating weather or not to get Japanese & Korean dictionaries, and weather to get Ashley anything. While browsing at the Japanese section, I found, much to my heart's glee, DBSK's Shine photobook. And it costs about RM 171. WHAT. Anyways I took it to the counter and asked if I could have a look at the contents, only to find that it had mostly their concert pictures, and most of them either weren't too impressive or the picture not clear. And so I thought, if I did went and buy this using my ang pow money, I'd have RM 171 less, and what could I do with the photobook? Probably just stare at the pictures from time to time. And besides, the interview was in Japanese. So very reluctantly, I decided not to buy the photobook, pushing the idea aside that I might finally be able to actually own something of DBSK's, and not just some GIFs, pictures or mp3s in my computer. Let's put it this way: in the end, my purse was happy, but I was rather dissapointed.

Anyways, before we knew it, it was time to go. Chien Yi & I managed to quickly buy smoothies while waiting for Li Xian to come out of Kinokuniya (I swore I drank like a camel that day). We took the LRT (where I bought a bottle of water for both Li Xian & I) to Pasar Seni, and walked to Petaling Street, occasionally asking which direction Pudu was. When we found out that Pudu wasn't far from Petaling Street, we decided to browse for a bit. Chien Yi & Tze Ping immediately took off to a shop in which a bag they were selling had caught thier eyes. After buying about 2 sets of shirts for her & her boyfriend each, Lika wanted to go get Air Mata Kucing. I got a cup too after I drank a bit from Li Xian.
Then we had to rush make our way to Puduraya, stopping at a flower shop to make sure we were heading in the right direction. Occasionally, Chien Yi would ask if we were getting near, and whine with a "Haaaaa?! Very tired le.." everytime we tell her that there was still a distance left. Li Xian was the only one not complaining. We finally made it to Pudu, all sweaty and slightly bothered (at least I knew I was sweaty). The first place we checked out was the Transnational board. And found out that our bus leaves at 8.30pm, not 8pm. So we had about 40 minutes to kill at Pudu. (By which, I had already finished the bottle of water that I bought at the LRT station. See? Camel here. xD) Chien Yi, at the very least, looked as if her legs were killing her. ;p She practically dashed to an empty seat the moment someone left it. The rest of us were tired as well, though probably not nearly as tired as Chien Yi.
At about 8.15, we finally went down to the bus boarding area and boarded the bus. I swore all of us rejoiced the moment our butts touched the chair. This time, our seatings were as follows:

I) Seow Hui & Chien Yi
II) Me & Lika
III) Li Xian & Tze Ping.

This time, Seow hui took out her bottle of lotion & aired it at the air cond. And Tze Ping was practically out cold before the bus completely left the station, the poor girl. (But it was funny though, Seow Hui calling out to Tze Ping and not getting even a twitch from her. xD)
I would tell you that our bus ride home was smooth and hassel-less, but then I'd be lying. At least for Seow Hui. A malay guy in front of Seow Hui lowered his chair, and Seow Hui told him that she had no place, which was understandable, since she had a few bags with her, what with ballet stuff and all. She muttered a sorry, and he lifted his back up. Unfortunately, that was not the end. Somewhere along the journey, Seow Hui & Chien Yi napped. And it was then that the guy took his opportunity to lower his seat again, this time lower than before.
When Seow Hui woke up to the sight, she said she had repeated to the guy that she didn't have space. When she said that, she was sitting sideways and facing Chien Yi. So that bastard of a guy said that if she could sit and still move freely that way, it meant that she still had space. And he left it at that & refused to bring his chair up, even a little. Worse thing is, the bitch beside him said nothing. So when we reached the rest area, Seow Hui complained to us (that's how we knew about it, Lika was too preoccupied with playing Diner Dash in her phone, & I was too busy dozing off). By this time she was sitting on the arm rest of the bus seat, since her bags took up quite a lot of space and Lika decided against putting thier bags overhead, for fear of loss. By this time also, the malay guy had gone down the bus to do God knows what. Their (Lika & Seow Hui) conversation went something like this, in chinese (broken English and all):

Lika: Ei, you got any Aaalleluya song anot? Put on loud loud! Just now they put on the sembahyang song so loud.. Don't have Aaleluya, put on Amitabha song.
Seow Hui: *laughs & checks her phone* Don't have wor..
Lika: Nevermind la, put on any song loud loud la..
Me: After people will be thinking, 'what la this group of 6 people.. in the bus amitabha..'
*everyone laughs*
*Seow Hui puts on random song loud*
Enter the malay guy, who just came up the bus.
Malay Guy: *Looks at Seow Hui's sitting position and sits back on his chair*
Seow Hui: O.O He didn't even do anything!
Lika: That bloody !@#!$!.. Ah, what to do.. Some people are inconsiderate..
Me: If can, I'd reach for his chair lever and smash his chair in front!
Seow Hui: Next time I have to bring 'tong tong chang' dy. When I cannot sleep, hit the thing 'tongtongtongtong I cannot sleep ahh!! tongtongtongtong'
Lika & I: *burst out laughing*
Seow Hui: Ah, I bring the tong tong chang, someone bring the bowl kokkokkok, and someone bring the tingtingting.. And Li Xian say 'amitabha'

We laughed harder at this, and hearing that, Li Xian asked why (it's the 2nd time she asked, 1st was when we were talking about the Hallelujah & Amitabha thing). She laughed too after I told her, which made me laugh some more. When I turned back to face the front, I burst out laughing again. Li Xian's laughter could also be heard behind me. Seow Hui looked at Lika, eyebrows raised though smiling, pointing at me and asked, "What's wrong with her oo? So 'song' laughing.."
I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep after that, from laughing so much, but after a while, drowsiness started to take over again (what with the darkness and the air cond emitting). I was nodding off to sleep again soon after. By the time we reached around Taman Tas, I still felt sleepy, but made myself stay awake, as it wouldn't take that long to reach the station and besides, nearly everyone was awake already. When we finally arrived at the bus stop and went down the bus, my brain was still asleep.
Almost everyone's parent were already there, except Li Xian. So me & Lika waited for her parent to come, after which we all left to our respective cars together.
Phew! That was a long one!Feels like the longest I've written, actually.. But there you have it, our 'adventures' in KL. This entry is also the first one in which I had to take 2 days to finish writing, because sleep loomed over me as I wrote, on both occasions. Word has it that Lika & I might have to 'babysit' them again come exam day, and this time, we'll have to stay overnight. Nothing's confirmed yet, though.

See, told you it was long. =3


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