December 11, 2008

Of 'Horniness' and 'Best Friends'

On Wednesdays, as usual, my class would be at 5pm, after Sayaka's class.
I had just finished my bath when I received an sms from Lika asking me to bring an extra 'crunchy'. Took me a while to register what she meant in my head. =3 (Crunchy=Lika's version of scrunchie. And she's.. 24 years old? Hard to believe, I know. *ducks the Boob-Grabber's flailing arms* xD)
To be precise, her exact message went like so:

"Haha.. Faster come ya. I'm lonely.. Horny.."

Yup, She actually said that.
And since then, she's been spreading the 'virus' to anyone who came within 1m of her. First to me, then me spreading it to the rest. xD
Seow Hui.. Ah.. She was 'uneffected'.
At least until her group of Intermediate girls came (Lixian included), then all hell broke loose.

Because like everyone who's ever seen these group of girls know, it doesn't take much for them to get guffawing like men in their favourite pub, having a 'Happy Hour'.
So anyways, Lika's pianist friend came to see Gino about playing for the exam thingy. And Gino had told us all to go outside, maybe so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable discussing money matters with Gino, and private matters, I'm guessing.
So with us 'shooed' by Gino, we began chatting outside.
Lika was with us for a while, before Gino called her in to help.
But that little while was enough to spread that deadly virus of hers, that we all called 'horniness'.

Soon we were cracking up (loudly, I might add), and the topic came to a person we all deemed our 'best friend'.
No names will be mentioned (dangerously and rightfully so), but we all shared the same opinions about that person.
And what a good time we had.

Even representative Lika had to pop her head out from the studio and tell us to shut up or Gino would bite our heads off.
Well, not literally, but you get the picture.

I also invited the lot of them to my prom, with every intention of bringing the house (or rather, ballroom,) down together.
Only Lika has confirmed, the rest are not sure. I hope they'll give me their answers by today.

Later, I'll have to accompany Lika again, like last Thursday, and I'll be sure to get more videos and silly antics again. xD

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