January 08, 2009

Tender.. Not What You'd Think, Though. ;D

Did I mention how much I dread to go for classes in the mornings?
At 9.30am?
Especially if the weather is all windy and cloudy?
Oh wait, I have.

This morning we learned Pirouettes Finishing In Attitude.
It involved a lot of turning and balance, a combination which, unfortunately, my brain refuses to comprehend.
We had to do double pirouettes and finish in an attitude without the working leg touching the floor.
And we all know how bad I am at pirouettes alone.
So Gino sugested that we do single pirouettes first, to get the hang of it. And it was much better, though there were still a lot of hopping involved. =3
That (the hopping) was NOT in the syllabus, in case you were wondering.

I didn't really feel it when I got home at around 11 something, sitting on my bed and checking my emails on my laptop.
But after sometime when I got up, I felt some muscles in my legs cringing at my action.
Anyways, after I took a bath and managed to squeeze in whatever sleep I could get, it was off to ballet again at 3.30pm.

There, we did Pirouettes again after our barre warm-up, and this time Gino asked us to keep practising in front of the mirror until we got the hang of it.
We eventually did, but that was just single pirouettes.

And then he had us do Fouette Ronds De Jambe En Tournant again, and I managed about 4 fouettes in a row before coming down. I still had about 3-4 more fouettes to go. >___>

Anyways, I stayed until Grade 4 was over, and by then, as I put it, my thigh muscles were tender.
I was glad to be home.
And I was tired.
Thursdays mean Tiring Day for me.

Oh, and I've yet to finish my report, dammit. >__<


  1. Of course I remember you... Ahem..

    Lots of the terms in the post seems alien to me.... =p

    I can't dance even if my life depends on it...

    Ahem... =p

  2. Hahaha.. Hmm.. I doubt it.. ;D But thanks for following even if you don't understand a thing.. Lol.. xD