January 17, 2009


Actually, I went to the studio on a whim yesterday.
Because I'd be 'dating my laptop' if I was home the whole day anyway, as my sister so nicely put it.
Besides, watching others dance when I didn't have to is rather... refreshing. xD

And the moment I stepped into the studio, I swore I laughed till my stomach hurt.
Lika was at it with her mating sounds again, which, 3rd time around, didn't seem as amusing as before. But we still had a good laugh.

Then during Inter Found, the whole class cracked up, courtesy of Lika & Michelle.
Lika for her jokes, and Michelle for her antics.
Lemme show you a video of that.

Oh, and Lika insisted on her 'close/open curtain' action at the beginning and end of the videos. So prepare for those.

Then we have Ice, Michelle & Wan Hui attempting to do pointes without holding the barre.
Lika's orders, of course.
Oh, and someone makes a short appearence. And the person was by the mirror. xD

After that, Lixian graciously played a little excerpt from one of her Final Fantasy scores.
One of my favourites, To Zanarkand. *Points below*

Then later on, before the pre-primary class, Lika taught me some Rock N' Roll steps.
And I liked it. xD
Oh, and it turns out that Bhajan Singh's brother's daughter is the new student Lika was talking about! ^^

Oh yes, while I was trolling youtube to find vids and whatnot, I came across this Tour de Japon orchestra team, and they played To Zanarkand.
And they played gorgeously.
It gave me goosebumps the moment the violins/flutes came in. Have a listen:

Um.. Yeah, that's it, really. =3

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