February 19, 2009

Why You're Only Seeing This Entry Today.

Two reasons why I'm posting both Wednesday & Thursday's events in one blogpost: Photobucket hates me at the moment.
I've been trying to upload the videos I took since Wednesday to Photobucket, but it always results in some error. And you know how cranky Blogger's video uploader can be sometimes.
At least to me, anyway. =.=

EDIT: I was FINALLY able to upload the videos!! I tried again and again and again (wait for it..) and again to upload these bloody videos for days. I swear I'm going so 미쳤어, it's not even funny. It even makes me mumble Korean. X.x *Flail*

Mr Gino was not here on Wednesday, so Lika & I (more so Lika, actually..) took the classes.
And oh, we probably cracked the already-old-and-worn out walls more than it already is, because we were laughing (wait; actually guffawing would be a more appropriate term) nearly the entire time.

No thanks to Lixian, who told us a Siti Nurhaliza joke and one involving.. uh, coke.
I shall say no more about that subject.
And of course, I took some videos of the Intermediate girls doing their work.
You can't really blame them for not really knowing their work; they are still sorta new in this Major Grade.
Then again, they were not really making an effort, were they? xD

I still can't believe they were looking forward to doing this exercise. I used to.. well, dislike it.
P/S: This is the only video I managed to upload to Photobucket.. The other three were failures.. =.=

Yup. They demoted themselves and did Running In A Circle. And they were having fun. xDD!

And then on Thursday, thankfully, we didn't have to stay and dance for night class.
Seriously, Sharnita is like our Fate-Decider or something..
She tells Gino when she can and cannot come for class, and our class is decided then (what time our class is). O.o

I stayed for Intermediate, because Gino was teaching them Grade 7 that day.
I love Grade 7, but it can be really tiresome for the muscles. Dx
But I still love it nevertheless. ^^
And I missed doing Grade 7, really, since I didn't do the exam when my other peers did.


Anyways, it was nice doing Grade 7 again, because it's practically an expressive syllabus.
And it was nice dancing now, since I admit that my expressiveness in my dance back then was close to nil. =.=
Besides, I miss doing Character and dances with scarves! T_T

But yeah, that was sorta it for Thursday, with the main highlight being Grade 7.
I still can't believe it actually took this long to get this simple post up.. Gahh. Dx

P/S: And yeah, I AM making random tags as I go. xD

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