March 13, 2009


Genee International Ballet Competition 2009 Tickets.
Which opened for booking on March 2nd-April 30th.
People, the tickets for the semi-finals and finals have sold out.

I saw the notice on their Facebook page and took a screencap for all to see:

It sold out in less than two weeks.
Like, whoa.
And naturally, everyone aims at seeing the semi-finals or the finals rather than the competition (not to say that there aren't any, though).

But hey, this is where I come in and say I'M HELLA THANKFUL LIKA AND I ALREADY BOUGHT THE TICKETS!! xDD!

*Dances about*


  1. Oh yeah..we r going to SIngapore!! Yay..!!! V are going to watch the final!!! Yay.!!

  2. Yay! *Dances around* Hahaha.. And we still need to make our passports! xDD