June 25, 2009


It's 11.25pm and my eyes are drooping.

This morning at ballet, we did dance a bit, though not much.
Maybe it's because I've been following Lika around these few days, but I honestly feel poofed by the end of the day.
Like today.

What's worse is that I didn't get much of a sleep when I came back from morning class, (around 15 minutes or less) because.. Ok, because I was on the computer and lost track of time. >_>

Then there was the stupid construction workers next door, who chose around nearly 6pm to about 7pm to do some hardcore drilling on the walls, causing Lika and I a headache and a lasting ringing in our ears by the time they were done.
As if pose turns, pirouettes and pivots weren't enough to get us dizzy already, without the drillings.

Seriously, it was a huge pain in the brain. >_<

Oh, and Lika's 2 Grade 5 girls came today because Gino wanted to see them.
They were pretty good, especially Catherina (Lika, I know I may have misspelled her name. LIVE WITH IT. xD), considering she had no dance background before this, and only started learning in around July last year.

Seow Hui, who discovered my new phone when we went to Mexica restaurant that day, wanted to get a closer look at it during Grade 7's class (whoa, she came! xD).
And Tze Ping heard it too.
So while Hui Hui and Ping Ping were going 'sakai' on my phone (muttering 'waaaaaahhhhhh~!' everytime they discovered something, lol), Tze Ping managed to take this candid shot of Seow Hui and I, which I edited.

So yeah, I'm pretty much exhausted now.

P/S: Oh, and in case you were wondering what the original picture looked like, minus the editing:

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