June 13, 2009


My baby is in the hospital.
Again. T_T

For those of you who don't know, I mean my 'baby' as in my laptop.
It's been giving me problems these days, and just.. Argh, I miss posting.. *___*
I miss being able to post in my air-conditioned room, I miss being able to post regularly, I miss crapping, I just miss.. everything.

I'm now using the computer outside, and I can hardly do much with it other than go online because all my stuff in in my laptop. *cries*

On a lighter note though, I had a lot of fun covering today's event at Kampung Simpai. We sort of went jungle trekking, the original reason being to cover the water & electricity problem of the aborigines there. But heck, it was fun! ^^ Though extremely hot. *_*

Needless to say, I was almost immediately out cold the moment I got home and ate my lunch (It takes about 45 minutes to get from my house to UMP for the meet-up, and almost an hour to Kampung Simpai. And I had to be there by 8am. And I reached home close to 3pm. You do the math. @_@)

But that's what I love about my job. ^^

Annnndddd... I hope I get my laptop back soon. T_T

Listening To: Micheal Buble - Home


  1. Oh my gosh... so nice!!

  2. Sure nice la...
    What nice? =3 LOL