July 16, 2009

And Today.. You Shall See How Badly I Can Phail.

Let me just do all of us a favour and warn you that I'm a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) blur today as I write this.

Tiredness? Perhaps.
Sleepiness? Ah, there's the one.
I dunno if I'm even gonna make much sense starting from this point on. But I'll try. =3

After my blog entry earlier this morning, turns out I didn't get much (none, actually) rest, mostly due to the lures of the interwebz.
But I thought that it wouldn't be so bad, since all I was gonna do later was go to the studio and laze around, helping Lika teach occasionally, but boy was I wrong.

Lika had asked me to bring my laptop because she had some VCDs that she wanted to show me, that might help us with the steps for the next performance.
Well it did give us a few ideas, but it was kinda hard to take those VCDs as reference, since the majority of them were literally kind of aerobic-like videos.

Later, Lika, Jovian and me went behind the studio, where they had this little shops selling chinese foodstuffs and whatnot (and to which I haven't been to since it opened, which was months ago), because Lika's sambal belacan cucumber snack had her lips transformed into Angelina Jolie's (according to her, anyway).
We had originally wanted to get some snacks from Medan Selera, but the majority of the 'snack shops' were not open.

Then we went upstairs, watched the video for a while, taught Grade 5, and then came Tze Ping's class.
Jovian had left Lixian's book at the studio, so Lika had fun with it, opening the book at a random page and reading a line out loud, then making fun of the way it sounds.
We (Lika and I) had a good laugh about it, while Tze Ping was quite clueless most of the time.
Later on, Tze Ping and I began talking about Harry Potter, which this time left Lika clueless.
We were discussing the happenings in the book, and it got Lika kinda interested to start reading her Chamber of Secrets book again.
(She was never really interested in reading, especially books that had no pictures in it, but after Tze Ping and my babble about the interesting parts of the book, she had the mood to try reading it once more.)

Also, during that discussion, a new character was born: Hisyornee (HisYourKnee).
Opposite of Hermione (HerMyKnee), come up by yours truly.
Can you tell? xD
Also, my comment of how, in my opinion, the Inferi from the movie trailer just looked like really tall Smeagols from LOTR.
I was anticipating that part the most when I read the book; the idea of dead bodies coming out of the waters to grab someone does sound interesting, doesn't it?
But yeah, it looks slightly comical from the trailer.

But then again, like they say, don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, don't judge a movie by it's trailer. xD
I'll just state my opinion tomorrow, once I've watched it. =D

But by the time it was the middle of Tze Ping's class, I began to feel the pinch.
That's when I started feeling drowsy, and my eyelids were shutting down.
Even more so because I hadn't worn my classes or contacts, so everything is in even more of a blur.

Carmen's class went by in a daze; I wasn't paying it much attention, nor could I pay much attention.
I didn't realise I looked blur until Lika asked me why I looked either so moody or blur during Grade 5.
From then on, the blur-ness began slowly catching up on me.

By the end of all the classes, I felt hungry and sleepy, but right then I just felt like going back, turning on the air conditioner, and plopping off to dreamland.
But when I got back, I felt slightly more awake, so I had dinner, and dozed of to sleep while writing this instead. =3

(I was typing up the 5th paragraph when I finally gave in to the sleepy spells and fell asleep in front of my laptop. I woke up about 2-3 hours later and finished typing this up. Now that I'm done, it's back to proper sleep for me. I was half awake the entire time I typed this up. xD)

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